Christmas Gift for Dad

Christmas Gift for Dad

Dad is a daughter's first love and always a son's hero. So what do you get for the big fella at Christmas? What will make his "Ho, ho, ho," even brighter and his "Jingle bells," even louder? Yeah, that's the big question!

Everyone knows Dad loves chocolate, but the truth is he's received every kind there is from the local market and from the mall. Now it's time to step it up, and we're talking about something from! Many a fine Christmas gift for Dad can be found in the wondrous selection there. Master chocolatiers from across the nation sell their chocolate indulgences (over 1,800 products!) and these really are the best of the best chocolates!

Consider the absolutely wonderful world of Chocolaterie Wanders for Dad. Wilhelm Wanders began producing world-class chocolates in Elten, Germany in 1798. Today, another generation's Wilhelm Wanders is pleased to be able to share his history and passion for chocolate with you, and to invite you to savor a piece of the Old World. Is this an awesome Christmas gift for Dad that comes with a generations-old success story? You bet, and odds are, he'd love it.

Maybe something from Fritz Knipschildt, and Knipschildt Chocolatier will bring Dad some yummy joy. A native of Denmark, Fritz moved to the USA after having had formal culinary training in Denmark, France and Spain. He was ready to blend his knowledge with the American experience and create a truly exquisite chocolates. Browse his original and unique products that would be a big hit with Dad.

Still nothing? Do you have to be hit in the head with a hammer to find a Christmas gift for Dad? Gee! Okay, put one of these chocolate bars in every sock in his drawer. Give him this Chocolate Family because he's the head of yours. Pass these Malted Milk Balls to him to eat while he's watching football (two kinds of balls, get it)? Does he "monkey around," or is he a slow poke? Then Monkeyin Around or Slow Pokes have Dad written all over them. So jump on it! It's a Christmas gift for Dad!

There are so many more choices for Dad, available at any price you may want to spend. Just let your fingers do the shopping:

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