How do you Improve Perfection?

There are two types of people in this world: chocolate lovers and liars. Sure, people claim to dislike a particular kind of chocolate, but trust us, they certainly love another kind. It’s impossible not to!

Most of us just love chocolate in all its forms. Be it white, dark, milk or even pink, they don’t care as long as it has cocoa beans. Some chocolates improve mood while others add meaning to a particular moment. The bottom line is, without chocolate, life would be like watching ‘the Days of our Lives’ every day forever. Imagine that.

Chocolate in itself is perfection. But the question remains, is there a way to make chocolate better? The answer is yes! There are certain ingredients that just take the chocolate experience to a whole new level.

Here we take a look at a few things, which, when mixed with chocolate, form such an impressive combination, that you just have to sit up and take notice.

Caramel Chocolate

Caramel is arguably the most popular ingredient used in chocolates around the world. It is delicious on its own, but now mix it with chocolate, and voila, you have just improved on perfection. For example, think of a simple chocolate dish, like chocolate chip cookies. Now add caramel to the mix, and you get CARAMEL chocolate chip cookies. See the difference.

Caramel adds a certain magic to the whole experience. There is a reason why it is part of some of the most popular chocolate delicacies in the world today. Caramel can be used as a filling, a topping and as a flavor, making it one of the most used sweeteners in the world. Chocolate brings its cocoa beans that are healthy, while caramel adds that sweetness which makes it mouthwatering and delectable.

Interesting facts about caramel:

  • Caramel chocolate energy bars are quite popular with athletes. They are full of energy and help immensely with workouts and performances.
  • March 19 is the National Chocolate Caramel Day in the US. It’s so special, it has its own special day.

Music and Chocolate

Okay, this might be a little unusual, but even songs need to be sweetened sometimes. So how do artists do that? Now we know, there is nothing sweeter than a chocolate, so adding it into the creative process, makes them better, much better. Need an example?

This is R Kelly sweetening it up:

Candy caramel coated taffies chocolate covered strawberries,
Love so sweet, you’re my chocolate factory
Gum drops mixed with chocolate milk bars, there’s so much variety
Love so sweet, you’re my chocolate factory

R&B has always been the “chocolate” genre of music. It is sweet, smooth and sophisticated. Does that ring a bell? This really is sweet, sweet, love Mr. Kelly and we tip our collective hats to you for that.

Interesting Fact:

  • We just gave you a whole chocolate related song! What could be more interesting than that? Don’t believe us? Go listen to it.
  • Kelly wasn’t the only one to take a helping hand from chocolate. Shanice, Bootsy Collins and Sammy Davis. Jr have all done it.

No Ingredient – Dark Chocolate Is Perfect.

This one is for the purists. You are most welcome.

Dark chocolate, or the purest form of edible chocolate, undoubtedly gives you a kick, without you getting hurt. For a certain special group of people, who crave chocolates without its artificial ingredients, dark chocolate is the ultimate pleasure. It is not for everyone, but once you develop a taste for it, there is nothing better. It contains many oxidants which makes it the ideal pick for the health conscious. It is a favorite among celebrities who have to follow stringent diets. Just ask Alyssa Milano and Jessica Biel.

Interesting Facts:

  • Dark Chocolate traces its roots back to 3000 years, to the Aztecs, who would consume quite a lot of it every day.
  • Before Hans Sloan added milk to chocolate in 1689, there was only dark chocolate. The Good Old Days!

Caramel is not the only side-kick that makes chocolate special. Imagine Butch Cassidy without the Sundance Kid or Sherlock without Watson. It’s the ingredients that add flavor and they are just as important as the main show. So the next time you have chocolate, spare a moment for the unsung heroes who don’t ask for recognition but would like your appreciation.

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