Occasions & Celebrations

Not every celebration needs an occasion. And not every occasion calls for a celebration. Occasions and celebrations are like two siblings who may not agree with each other all the time but are incomplete when one is missing. It’s the same as giving yourself a small treat when you finish a project or meet a deadline. As opposed to passing on dessert when you’ve gained back some pounds. The point is you need to have a valid reason to celebrate, and sometimes the validity of the

Christmas Truce in 1914

Speaking of occasions and celebrations, the Christmas Truce of 1914 was one event that strengthened everyone’s faith in humanity. Along the western front, there were reports of unofficial ceasefires between German and British soldiers on Christmas Eve in 1914. Engaged in a bitter battle, soldiers from both sides for one day crossed lines into no man’s land and exchanged gifts and seasonal greetings. This was an unprecedented gesture which proved that even during the madness of war, some had not lost their humanity. Were there any chocolates exchanged? We’d like to believe so. Because it just makes the occasion all the more special.

Do you have Time to Enjoy Space!

Moral of the story, both celebrations and occasions don’t need a time and a place. Life is short and so are occasions for celebrations. It doesn’t matter what’s holding you back, all you need is to consider this for a second. We are all stuck on this rock called earth travelling at million miles an hour into darkness called space. And we have no idea what’s going to happen next. This scenario may sound scary but helps put things in perspective. The perspective being, we are just small cogs in this big universe put here to play a part. Play your little part to make life sweeter. Don’t think so hard and wait for things to happen to make you happy, find your own little reasons. Forget about the debate between celebrations and occasions, because chocolate is one treat that doesn’t need an occasion. Simply indulge in it and make every moment your own.