Candy Gifts

Move over Willie Wonka, there’s a new candy haven in town

Deep within the many worlds that exist in every child’s imagination, there is the most magnificent candy store imaginable. Its façade is made out of bricks of solid, milk chocolate decked with colorful sprinkles that glimmer in the daylight. The result is a kaleidoscope of colors that lure you in. You stand awestruck at the threshold. For as far as the eye can see, there lies in front of you candy in all shapes, colors, and sizes. An endless maze filled with mounds of every sweet treat your mind can conceive. Gum drops and jellybeans line the path in front of you like colorful pebbles. In the middle of this sweet labyrinth, there sits a throne made of soft, fluffy pink cotton candy. As you climb into that plush, sugary seat and look out at your kingdom, only one thought goes through your mind:

This kingdom will be easy to rule – so easy in fact, it’s almost like taking candy from a baby.

Sweet candy, where have you come from?        

Whoever invented candy needs to be honored for their undoubtedly amazing contribution to the human race. Eating a piece of your favorite candy is an instant pick-me-up. But how did candy come to be?

The word candy is derived from the Arabic word quandi, which means ‘made of sugar’. The earliest forms of candy were made by using honey to make candied fruit and nuts. As time went on and the price of sugar went down, candy as we know it became available on a large scale. It became so popular that by the mid 1800’s there were over four hundred factories producing candy within the United States alone!

The version of the treat made today involves dissolving sugar in water or milk to form syrup. Different temperatures and quantities of sugar are used to achieve hard, soft, or chewy textures. The term ‘candy’ is an umbrella term that covers a number of different sweets. Candy includes everything from chocolate to gummy bears, hard candy to chewing gum. When it comes to candy, the possibilities are endless!

The Gift of Candy

What could be sweeter than giving someone the gift of candy? Here are some delectable candy gift ideas for you to try out:

Gift basket – gift baskets can be stuffed to the brim with just about anything. Depending on the recipient of the gift and their personal candy preferences, you can fill the basket with chocolate, toffees, hard candies, lollipops, etc. The basket can also be filled with a combination of these sweets.

Bouquet of candy – like a traditional bouquet of roses, you can get your loved ones bouquets of candy. The stems can consist of lollipops, chocolate bars, or sticks adorned with candy of your choice. Wrap it all up in a nice bouquet. Who needs roses when you have candy!

Artisan candy– artisan food of any sort is made by a person or a company using high quality ingredients and traditional methods. The result is a very distinctive and unique product. Artisan candy or chocolate always makes a sophisticated gift.

Customized candies – get your friends or loved ones their favorite candy or chocolate and customize it. You can customize chocolate and candy into different shapes, for instance, in the shape of a football. Some companies even specialize in making intricate sculptures out of chocolate and candy and writing messages on these goodies.

Gift boxes–Like gift baskets, gift boxes can be stuffed with your candy of choice. A further benefit of gift boxes is that they can be customized and decorated any way you want. That includes with candy! It’s not uncommon to have boxes adorned with edible candy elements. Your loved ones are sure to exclaim ‘all this and heaven too!

Just like the unlimited varieties of candies available, the possibilities for candy related gifts are endless! It was Jonathan Lockwood Huie who said “A wonderful gift may not be wrapped as you expect.” Candy gifts are full of wonderful, sweet, and delicious surprises. They can be wrapped and given in a number of unique ways that are sure to delight your friends and loved ones. Try something new, and give the gift of candy. Make those you love feel like they’ve walked into the candy store that exists in their imaginations – the candy store of their dreams. Just like the saying, happiness is feeling like a little kid in a candy shop.