Gifts for Him

Everyone loves being showered with gifts. But when it comes to men, they pretend to be indifferent to the custom. You get him flowers and think he will get all mushy? Probably not! Men like to believe they are practical. They would rather have something useful than pretty. So what can you get them – an on-the-go charging dock or a pair of those everlasting socks maybe? For some these may be great gifts.

But will it make him feel special. Being a woman you just can’t allow yourself to gift that, can you? Your gift should mean something.

Robert Pattinson, the Twilight hunk got thousands of toothpicks from his Twilight fans when it was revealed he was chewing on them to quit smoking. Thoughtful as it maybe, you can’t do the same for your husband or your boyfriend. So the thought behind the gift can’t stand on its two feet without the help of a little common sense.

But there is no need to overdo it as well. Angelina Jolie got Brad Pitt a helicopter and spent over $1.6 million just to surprise him. Katy Perry bought for her then-hubby- Russell Brand a trip to space for a cool $200,000. Now who wouldn’t be delighted with that! But then these are lifestyles of the rich and the famous and don’t apply to us mere mortals.

Making him happy need not be that expensive or hard. Women are very careful about buying gifts for the men in their life since it needs to convey a message. So let’s go over a few gift options that might help you with the dilemma of what to get your boyfriend or husband when the occasion calls for it.

  • Gift for The Sports Fan

Message for the Boyfriend: A sports gift gives a simple and clear message. It is a way of telling him you love him enough to entertain his hobbies. You allow him to have his space. Anything that makes him happy will do.

Message for the Husband: By now you accept him with all his craziness. You are not only willing to put up with his sports obsessions, but you want to indulge him in his passion once in a while too.

Gift Ideas for the No 1 Fan

With the constant gripe of who’s on top of what table and why someone keeps getting injured, it is at these times you can be a sport too. Hit a homerun with a sports gift. Get him his favorite team’s jersey with a number or name of his favorite player. If it’s signed, that’s even better. Also tickets to a game for both of you will be a great idea for a night out. While you may be encouraging the sports enthusiast in him, seeing the appreciation will make it all worth it.

And if a sports jersey or tickets seem too ordinary, here are a couple of creative ideas that’ll make his day. A framed Blueprint of let’s say Yankee Stadium, if he’s a Yankees fan. Or cool cufflinks in his favorite team’s colors.

Think of all the times he tagged along when you shopped all day. So next time when he is glued to a game on the TV, at least he will pretend you exist. Not a bad deal! Better still if you make him his favorite snack, that’ll go nicely with the game. He will love it and you can enjoy his passion with him.

Tip: Let him enjoy his passion and be his crazy self once in a while!

  • Romantic gift – Cook a meal or bake a cake?

Message for the Boyfriend: You are worth the time and effort. You are taking this seriously and want to take the relation to the next level.

Message for the Husband: You want to have quality time with him and indulge in some sweet talk.

The way to a man’s heart his through his stomach

Must have heard this time and again, it’s been proved time and again as well! There is something intimate about having dinners together especially if you cook for him. Somehow it brings people closer.

If food is the key to his heart, then a chocolate cake will do just fine. Bake a sumptuous chocolate cake which spells romance. Put a creative spin with chocolate toppings like chocolate curls, fruits, nuts or simply write a sugary message with his favorite dressing. You do not have to say it in words how special he is, the baked cake will tell a story on its own.

As long as food is being discussed, how about appliances that’ll get him cooking. You can’t go wrong with the latest BBQ grill. You must have heard of the George Forman grill. With more than a 100 million units sold, this is a favorite for all BBQ lovers out there. If he already has a grill, some useful accessories such as a digital thermometer to check if the meat is cooked, or smoker boxes to get that smoke flavored steaks will work magnificently. And if your budget doesn’t allow you all this, an apron with a witty saying like ‘Dad knows Best, but no one listens’ or ‘Cooking is like Golf – You just slice it, chip it and put it on some Greens’ will surely bring a smile on his face.

Tip1 : All men do not share their deepest thoughts with their buddies .They do it only with their special ones. Once they get into the comfort zone you can find all you want to know

Beauty Gift Ideas for Men

Message for the Boyfriend: You love him for the way he looks or do you? (Send it only if you know your boyfriend well enough or it could send the wrong message)

Message for the Husband: You are aware of his every need and want to pamper him.

It’s not always the sports, food and gadgets that make men happy. Today, men also like to pamper themselves with beauty products. You think otherwise. Well times have changed and now men more openly admit that they care about their appearances as well. If your man cares about his looks and his impeccable grooming is what impressed you in the first place, let him know. Get him beauty care gifts and he would love it all. But this can be a bit tricky. If your boyfriend is the conscious type, takes hours to get ready but doesn’t like to admit it, then he may not take it in his stride.

Some useful gift ideas in this category would include, nose hair clippers or a new shaving brush. Colognes or aftershaves could also be given. However, when selecting cologne or aftershave, don’t get anything that violates the senses with their pungent smell. The key here is to be classy. You know what they say about fragrances; colognes should be discovered, not announced. Find the perfect cologne that suits his personality.

Tip: Men hate to change! So give him what he likes not what you would like him to have.

Chocolate –The Ultimate Savior

Message for the boyfriend: Enjoy the sweet delights and let the relationship just be.

Message for the husband: Want things to remain sweet, smooth and exciting.

Chocolate is one gift that suits all occasions; casual or formal. Whether it’s his birthday or you just want to say “I love you”, these delicacies are a delightful way to say it all.

A few years into marriage, by now you have exhausted all gift options. However, chocolate still remains that one favorite no one minds getting again and again.

Chocolate’s versatility makes it a safe option when you are new in a relationship and do not want to commit too much or too little. So if you are unsure of his likes and dislikes, avoid guesswork and give him a gift that will surely please him. With chocolate it’s always a win win situation.

A few interesting ideas in this category could include, chocolate bacon bars – yes there is a product like that – or his favorite whisky with chocolate truffles. Women are not the only ones who love chocolate, men like it too. Go with your instinct on this one, nothing wrong with that.

Tip: Delicious and always a winner.

Buying gifts for him is easy! Just keep a close eye on what’s missing in his life. As creatures of habit, men will try to adapt instead of going out and getting it. It’s the girlfriends and wives who make the effort and try to bring some degree of rationality into their lives. And this can only be done with the right gift at the right time.