Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts- Memories that last a lifetime

The best types of gifts are personalized ones. They do the talking on your behalf when words fall short. They show gratitude, they express emotions and they add that extra something to the word “gift.”

Imagine this: You’ve been trying to buy an iPhone for a long time but couldn’t get it for one reason or the other. Then on your birthday, you get a wrapped present from your girlfriend. You open it and it has your dream iPhone with your name engraved on the back. That right there is a sign that she is special. The interesting thing is that she didn’t have to say a word to make you reach that conclusion.

This is what personalized gifts do. It isn’t always about how much you spend on a gift, it is about the thought and effort.

 Victoria Beckham gets a special ring from David Beckham

David Beckham once designed a ring for his wife Victoria and hired a Spanish jeweler to make it. According to reports, the ring didn’t cost him a lot of money but was still powerful enough to sweep Victoria off her feet. Money has never been an issue for the Beckhams. After all, this is the same David Beckham who bought a vineyard for his wife on her birthday.

Manchester United thank Mr. Fink

Loyalty pays! Just ask Mr. Fink who is the longest season ticket holder at Manchester United, the most successful English soccer team ever. Mr. Fink has been a season ticket holder since 1945 and in 2014 just a few days before Christmas he received a gift he didn’t see coming. Bryan Robson, a former Manchester United captain and club legend showed up at Mr. Fink’s home and delivered a personalized club shirt with “Fink 1945” printed on the back. A sports giant taking time out to thank a fan for his loyalty, now that is how you treat your fans.

Queen Elizabeth’s very own Windsor Castle – Made of Chocolate

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II receives her share of presents every year but in 2013 she received an unusual delight – a chocolate Windsor Castle and a chocolate carriage. It was a gift from the makers of Mars Bars after she visited the company’s U.K. headquarters. A perfect personalized gift for the woman who has everything.

Chocolates have been used as gifts for quite some time and they work a treat, literally. There are so many different ways you can use chocolate to your advantage. How? Take inspiration from the makers of Mars and order a chocolate cake in the form of a heart or any other creative shape that you think will show your special someone how much they mean to you.

If you know the type of chocolates your loved one likes, make a collection of assorted chocolates, wrap them up beautifully and give it to them. You can always sweeten things up by getting an endearing message engraved or embossed on the chocolate itself or on the packaging. Choose the right moment to handover the gift and watch the magic happen as the present is unveiled.

Every event worth celebrating is a reminder of the past and offers something to look forward to. All these special occasions have their own little memories attached to them. The past cannot be changed but you can always make sure that every future celebration does not end before leaving a memory to last a lifetime.