Thank You

“Gratitude is one of the least articulate of the emotions, especially when it is deep”

Sometimes it’s hard to express a deep emotion. When choosing the right words to accompany a ‘Thank you’ card, one wonders not just what could possibly convey your sentiments aptly but also about a gesture that could help bring a smile and a little joy to their day. So when words fail, you know what could do the trick – a box of chocolates. Just as the box is unwrapped, those struggling words on the card become more coherent, the moment special and the day a little brighter. In short, sometimes emotions do not need words, all they need is the right gesture.

Thank you for Standing by Me
‘Thank you’ and ‘I love you’ are two statements that would never get old or redundant. And if it’s your partner you want to thank, going the extra mile is the way to go. Guys, you don’t need sparkling diamonds or the moon or stars to prove you love her. Sometimes it’s the little things that outshine the expensive ones. And ladies, if you have a man you want to thank, do something out of the ordinary. An expensive watch may impress him but will it move him the same way a childhood memory does. The key here is to make the most important person in your life feel truly appreciated. Gift ideas for her can range from her mom’s favorite perfume (if she already doesn’t have it) to a nice quiet romantic dinner. For him, you could do some research and find out what he liked as a kid or what he’s passionate about. There is nothing like a gift that pleasantly and genuinely surprises you.

Parents are Humans too
Parents have one of the most difficult and thankless jobs on the planet. Having been there for us all our lives and loving us unconditionally, parents get the least bit of our attention and gratitude and a lot of complaining and whining. We get caught up in our lives and tend to take them for granted at times. However, deep down we are grateful to them and hope they know it too. Like Dr. William Arthur Ward said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”, parents deserve a gift that speaks from the heart. If your parents are part of the greatest generation who fought fascism and weathered recessions, they deserve a break from all the sacrifices. A trip to their favorite destination would say a lot more than just having lunch or dinner with them.

True Friends are Hard to Find
There is a saying ‘A good friend will come bail you out of jail, but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying…’Damn, that was fun!’ Hope it doesn’t come to that but if you’re lucky there is one friend who’ll listen to all your crazy problems and theories and still want to be with you.

When Columbus East football player Brock Greiwe went for brain tumor surgery, his friends also shaved their heads to buck him up. This is what friends are for, to pick you up and have your back when you’re down.

Friends help you discover and enjoy yourself perhaps like no other relation. You can be silly, emotional, over ambitious or deeply philosophical without the fear of being judged. That’s the cushion friendship provides. They will genuinely guide you in making the right choices and if you don’t listen and come back annoyed or with a broken heart; they will help you stand up again. Even when you get into senseless fights, you’ll find yourself giggling about it the next moment. Appreciating your buddy in words can be both awkward and funny at the same time. A great way to thank them would be to throw a surprise birthday party sans all the annoying people. And inviting their love interest would earn you double points. If your friend is a music fan, get that vintage record they’ve been trying to get their hands on forever. That’s what friendship is all about; its joy, understanding and trust with a big helping of crazy.

Nice Doing Business with You

Take a few moments to thank your business partner who helped you sign that big deal, to the manager who saved your day when you made a mistake or to your colleague who helped you meet that tight deadline. Appreciate others and you will see the ripple effect. Getting a thank you at work boosts one’s morale and self-esteem. Acknowledge the efforts of a team member by writing a glowing testimonial on their professional profile; or you could even get one of their achievements framed for their cubicle. Imagine how pleasantly surprised they will be when they walk in one morning to discover what you had been up to secretly.

One does not have to wait for a special day to say thank you. Say it when you feel it. And if you are out of ideas, short on time and budget, there is one thank you gift that you can always fall back on. Chocolate.

As the saying goes, “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” So make those who matter the most feel special. A loving gesture will always say a lot more than fancy words or expensive gifts.