Wedding & Showers

Grace, elegance and a concept of finesse so refined that it practically forces your guests to take in their surroundings in one deep breath, close their eyes for a second and exhale.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if your guests walked with that reaction on their faces, so pleased by the beauty around them? Throw a wedding showers that gives them the pleasure of such an experience. And what better way to delight them with exquisiteness, than the queen of the exotic herself: Chocolate.

Spoil your guests with a chocolaty wedding showers for the lovely bride. Here’s what you could do with this sweet delicacy and throw the coolest wedding showers ever:

  • Personalized Chocolate Bars: All you need is a bar cover design of your choice, a printer and double stick tape. Wrap the foil covered chocolate bar in your personalized wrapping paper. And give it out to your guests with personal messages.
  • Chocolate Molds and Sculptures: Go all fancy when it comes to décor. You could either get a professional sculptor to create small pieces of art from slabs of chocolate for you or just use molds available at home to create edible themed delights for your guests.
  • Packed Favors: Simple theme colored boxes filled with chocolates, cookies and candies are a classic idea for wedding showers favors. Embellish them with beads and wrap them with ribbons or cellophane as you desire.
  • Picture Perfect Food: Wedding showers food is mostly easy to eat, food on sticks. And what better way to go about it than little chocolate delights. A few ideas could be strawberries covered in white chocolate and silver edible pearls, chocolate covered pretzels, marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and sprinkles, heart shaped cookies and Oreo cookies covered in white chocolate and sprinkles.
  • Edible Food Containers: It’s not just about the food. It’s also about how you package it. You can make bowls and glasses with chocolate with the help of easy DIY techniques.
  • Wedding Showers Games: Chocolates are not just for eating. There are a number of games you could play with both chocolates and candy bars. ‘Chocolate Bar Match Game’; where you have to match popular chocolate bars’ names with wedding related definitions. For example M&M’s will be twins and Snickers could be Baby giggle. ‘Chocolate Scramble’ is another simple yet entertaining game where you could test your guest’s vocabulary and have fun.

With such delicious ideas on your plate, give the bride a wedding showers she’ll cherish. And make you the coolest friend ever. Let chocolate add some flavor to the wedding festivities and give your friend the best wedding showers ever!