My life: The Highlights Reel

There is a drive-in theatre that exists in every human mind.Every so often we take our fantasy car out for a little spin and park it right in front of an enormous screen. You can hear the projector coming to life and you’re forced to smile as the reels of all of your memories flash and flicker before your eyes. In life, every experience we go through teaches us a lesson, one that becomes part of our memory and shapes our actions for the future. Our memories in turn are like a window to our past. We use them to look back and reflect on the different events that took place. How many of us have replayed memories and gotten misty eyed and filled with longing to relive the past? Often, it so happens, that our memories may be triggered by certain events, objects and even senses. We see a guitar and it takes us back to that concert we enjoyed so much. Suddenly, you’re back in a crowd of thousands and nothing exists except music. Similarly, the fragrance of a certain perfume will remind us of a loved one, or the taste of a certain meal will remind us of our mom’s cooking. In this way, memories allow us to skirt through time and space and travel to sweeter days.

“What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate.”

Chocolates are a delicacy capable of conjuring a number of memories. This delectable treat has been the premier food of choice for children and adults – although most won’t admit to it – all over the world. From the popular book ‘Charlie and the chocolate factory’ to the laying out of chocolate chip cookies for Santa on Christmas, chocolate has always been a very important part of a child’s life.We accumulate piles of chocolate from trick or treating on Halloween, and give little red chocolate hearts to our loved ones on Valentine’s day. Chocolate represents the good times we’ve had and the moments when we were the happiest. Subsequently, even a small mention or taste of chocolate induces some of our best memories.

The healthy side of chocolate

Chocolate has been known to spark positive memories in humans: A chemical called ‘Anandamide’ present in chocolate invokes feelings of happiness and contentment. This means that no matter what mood someone is in, eating chocolate will invariably have some form of positive effect on their feelings and has the capability of turning the situation that they are in, into a positive memory. It also helps that people crave and eat chocolates when they are happy or low on energy.

Studies also show that ‘flavanols’ present in cocoa may have the effect of reducing memory loss! So not only does chocolate account for some lovely memories, but it also helps us keep those memories!

Till we eat again
Chocolate has brought joy to millions all over the world. The memories it invokes stay with you for the rest of your life and are a constant reminder of the times when life used to be simpler, carefree, and full of sweetness. All you needed to feel good was have a bite of chocolate to change the world in to a far better place. Time travel may not technically exist – yet – eating chocolate and being transported to a different time and place may be a good substitute.