Baby Shower

Should she be eating this much chocolate? It can’t be good for the baby she’s got coming in two months.

Have you ever found yourself wondering that about a pregnant friend? Nothing wrong with it, it just means you’re concerned for your friend. We all understand the importance of a healthy diet during pregnancy, not only for the mother-to-be, but also for the baby. Many women have a tendency to develop chocolate cravings during their pregnancy. This is perfectly alright, only if they keep the following in mind.

Eat, But in Moderation

Eating too much chocolate during pregnancy can lead to excessive weight gain that might be difficult to lose after the baby comes. Check with the doctor before bingeing on chocolates and other carbohydrates. This would be especially relevant if you have previously been diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

The Benefits

Eating the right amount of chocolate during pregnancy may actually be good for your friend according to Heidi Murkoff, the author of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. Chocolate contains ingredients that boost your mood and alleviate stress. And in a study conducted at Yale University in 2008, it was reported that mothers-to-be who ate large amounts of chocolate were less likely to develop pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia is a condition which can lead to premature birth and even death, if not treated in time.

A Recommendation – The Darker the Better

According to Fitness Magazine, dark chocolate has greater health benefits than milk chocolate. Because it has a higher percentage of cocoa, which is where chocolate’s nutritional value comes from, dark chocolate would be a healthier option to quiet those pregnancy cravings.

Another Recommendation – Avoid Mousse

According to Kids Health, chocolate mousse is one type that should ideally be avoided during pregnancy. Why? Because chocolate mousse contains raw eggs and these could cause listeriosis and toxoplasmosis. These are transmitted via food and can be very dangerous for the baby.

So while your concern for your pregnant friend is genuine, just keep the above few pointers in mind and get her the right chocolate for her baby shower.

As long as the topic is baby showers, everyone knows a useful gift is way better than an expensive one. So if you’re thinking about getting your friend a high end maternity dress, you may want to look at the following options new parents can actually use.

Crib on the Move – Called the Travelling Crib, this baby travel bag can also work as a crib. This may be very useful for parents who travel a lot.

The Crying Analyzer – Yes it’s a device that analyzes your baby cries. With five indicators – hungry, annoyed, sleepy, bored & stressed – this device could be perfect for first time parents.

The Baby Shusher – Ever get tired of ‘shushing’ your baby. The baby shusher works like a charm to calm your baby’s and your nerves.

The above gift ideas would definitely make you the star at your friends baby shower. So the next time you have a baby to shower to attend, chose usefulness over style. This is what matters in the end.