Birthday Gifts for Her

So your special lady’s birthday is coming up. You’re probably freaking out because you have no idea what to get her. Don’t worry, it’s quite normal. You’ve racked your brain and the best you could come up with was flowers and a box of her favorite chocolate.

Nothing wrong with flowers and chocolate, however it’s like going to Baskin Robins and ordering vanilla. No fun in that. Where’s the passion? Where’s the romance? Where are the flavors?

Don’t worry though; we’re here to rescue you from this dilemma. Below are three creative and personalized ideas to ensure your lady feels like a queen on her name day.

Personalized Chocolate Bars –

The rule of thumb when it comes to birthday gifts is to make her feel that it was made specifically for her. Don’t be conventional and buy something from a store – unless it’s Tiffany’s. It has to be personalized; there’s no better way of showing how deep your love is. What better way to do that than to give her personalized chocolate bars with a large bouquet of flowers?

Find out what your significant other’s favorite chocolates are and get her name printed on the wrapper. It’s easier than it sounds since you can simply place an order online. You can also write personalized messages on the wrappers. That’s certainly more special than giving them a random box of chocolates. And think of the memories. Ten years down the line, that wrapper will remind you and her how special that day was. Don’t give her gifts, give her memories worth remembering.

Chocolate Bouquet:

Giving flowers to your wife or girlfriend on their birthdays is a given. But try this for a change: Give them a bouquet of their favorite chocolate bars. There are dozens of different variations you can try and get them made into beautiful bouquets. The bigger the bouquet, the better it is. Nothing says “I love you” quite like chocolates, so imagine what message a whole bouquet of chocolates would relay. This gift is classy, and at the same time very personal, since the bouquet includes your wife/girlfriend’s favorites.

Personalized Newspaper Page:

This is another unique gift idea for you to try out: This basically requires that you make an entire newspaper page dedicated to your wife/girlfriend. It may sound difficult, but there are loads of templates that you can find online to help you. You can add a number of pictures and write sweet messages and anecdotes; anything that would bring a smile to her face and warm her heart.

This gift really allows you to express yourself completely. Most have problems expressing their feelings and affections, but this gift gives you a chance to say everything you want. More than anything, it is guaranteed to make her feel like the most special person in your life.

So there you have it; three very manageable gifts that will make your wife or girlfriend’s day on her birthday. However, if you want to take things one step further, you can combine all three gifts! This would be something she’ll remember forever. Just make a bouquet of her favorite, personalized chocolate bars and wrap it in a personalized newspaper page and make it look like it’s just ordinary flowers and chocolates. Imagine her eyes widening as she unwraps all those little secrets you have for her. Now that’s how you celebrate a birthday.