Anniversary Gifts

Let’s count the things that get better with age. Wine, Books, Self Confidence, Love, Allergies, Antiques, the list goes on. There is no doubt time makes everything better, if not spectacular. And it’s the same when it comes to relationships. In the beginning every quirky habit of your partner amuses you and you find it endearing. However with time, you may get tired and given enough time, may even begin to despise it. It’s quite natural. Rome wasn’t built in a day. It takes time, effort and constant refinement to build something magnificent and same goes for relationships. And chocolate!

There are a number of theories why chocolate and love go hand in hand. There is the scientific angle where chocolate acts as an aphrodisiac. Then there is the historical aspect where this delicacy has been used to bring lovers together. The explanation that makes more sense than any is that chocolate acts as a fuel. It brings a fresh perspective and acts as a great ice breaker. Imagine how many relationships saw another day only because of these two qualities.

This is why it’s important to celebrate every milestone achieved and every obstacle overcome in a relationship with chocolate. It revitalizes your resolve to work on your relationship and also reminds you why you fell in love in the first place.

So how do you celebrate your union as time goes by? Let us count the years in chocolate

  • The 1st Anniversary Gift – The first milestone is always the most special, and the most important. Surprise her/him with a simple, elegant box of chocolates with flowers/wine or beer.
  • The 5th Anniversary Gifts –Keep that spark going with a night out on the town. Arrange for the babysitter beforehand. Enjoy decadent chocolate desserts at a fine dining restaurant.
  • The 10th Anniversary Gifts –A personalized gift at this point in time will remind your spouse you’re both meant to be together. Luxurious chocolate bath cosmetics should do the trick for him and her.
  • The 25th Anniversary Gifts –Make an event of it on your silver jubilee! Take a vacation to chocolate hotspots like Belgium, Switzerland or Brazil for the time of your life. An excellent way to overcome the empty nest syndrome as well.
  • The 50th Anniversary Gifts –Older and wiser, you two know how special your time together has been. Savor the extraordinary milestone with a chocolate and wine sampling party at home. Invite all your friends and family and celebrate life.

Anniversaries are like the season finale of your favorite TV show. They are fun, exciting and always give you something to look forward to. And sharing these occasions with the ones who’ve helped you out the most makes more sense than anything else. Family, Friends and Chocolate.