Christmas Gifts

The New York Times came out with an interesting list in 2013 of the hottest holiday gifts. The list covered different ideas ranging from dining to entertainment. For instance, the dining section recommended interesting wooden salad bowls and a convertible chicken roaster for the kitchen goddesses. The entertainment section included brilliant nuggets such as the Mississippi Hill Country Blues 1967 by George Mitchell and the complete story behind Pulp Fiction for the movie buff in the family.

Without a doubt these ideas are brilliant and cover that one crucial element missing from all gifts today. Individualism! The best part about a gift is how it affects the recipient. That being said however, there is an exception to the rule. There is one gift that affects everyone in a different way but always conveys the same message. No it’s not a smile but it’s the next best thing. Chocolate!

With Christmas just around the corner, let’s take a look at some ideas that would make your Christmas more chocolaty and fun.

1-Christmas Chocolate Coins – All that Glitters doesn’t have to be Gold

Even though Christmas was declared a federal holiday in the US in 1850, there are some traditions that are even older than that.

Chocolate coins are arguably the oldest and most popular part of Christmas tradition. These little round delicacies trace their roots back to the time of Saint Nicholas – you know him by another name hint: He wears a red suit and likes to say ho ho ho!

Legend has it one night he – St Nicolas that is – climbed onto the roof of a house and threw gold coins down a chimney. The coins landed in the stockings of a small girl. Over time these gold coins evolved into chocolate coins wrapped in golden foil. Ever wondered about the concept behind stocking stuffers, now you know.

Kids haven’t changed much since St Nicholas’s time. Coins are still a big hit. And if you don’t have the ‘moolah’ to get 24 karat gold coins, don’t worry, chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil paper will do just fine. Even better in most cases, come to think of it.

2-Chocolate Santa – Santa takes a dip in Chocolate

Remember how every small squeak or sound the night before Christmas sounded like Santa climbing down the chimney. Most associate Christmas with childhood, gifts and the excitement of the Christmas morning.

div>Now what if someone told you can relive those moments vicariously through your kids. You can now buy Santa moulds and fill them with the chocolate of your (or your kids) choice to come up with your very own version of Santa Claus. Use them as a dessert or give them to your kids as candies to make their Christmas extra special.

And if you’ve had a hectic Christmas, just unwind with the delicious Santa chocolate treat. Research says the smell of chocolate helps you relax. There is no harm in digging into a chocolaty treat after the last guest has gone. After all you deserve it.

3-Chocolate Pizza – Fresh from the Fridge

Tired of tradition? How about a little creativity with the right amount of shock and awe to dazzle everyone. A chocolate pizza for a change? Yes you heard that right! Everyone loves pizza. Now you can enjoy it with chocolate. Use chocolate as toppings for your pizza. There won’t be any cheese involved and the base would be made of Belgian (your call) chocolate. You could sprinkle it with nuts or candy and serve it as a dessert in place of that boring pumpkin pie. This is guaranteed to be a big hit with high schoolers and college bound teenagers.

Chocolate tastes great with other ingredients as well. Ever tried eggplant topped with chocolate to go with your pizza. It’s not a bad substitute for garlic bread.

4- Reindeer – Rudolph gets a Makeover

Without his Mustang, the reliable Rudolph, there is no way Santa Claus would be able to jingle all the way and deliver those gifts in time. And if you can come up with a chocolate Santa, why can’t you do the same with the reindeer – with cherry on the nose? So go on, get your creative hat on with a reindeer made out of your favorite type of chocolate. Or better yet, make more than just a single version of a reindeer by using all the chocolate you can get your hands on.

A chocolate reindeer doesn’t have to be served alone. You can always make it a part of a special Christmas platter with strawberries, nuts and a hot chocolate drink to go with it.

5-Christmas Tree – No needles and mess to worry about

Last but not least by any account would be the chocolate Christmas tree. Now this is one delicacy for the big day that can take all sorts of shapes and forms. From Christmas tree shaped chocolate biscuits to cupcakes, you have a wide range to choose from. On top of that, you can also decorate them with candy sprinkles to add that extra color. This is one tree where you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

Some other ideas you could look into are a snowman made out of white chocolate or vanilla. These will do quite nicely with a delicious little chocolate Christmas tree as well. The combinations and ideas all depend on how much effort you’re willing to put. Because nothing says Merry Christmas, like when you make the gift with your own hands.

Here is a fact, close to a whopping sixty percent Americans choose a box of chocolates as a holiday gift. Now how many of this sixty percent go through the trouble of personalizing these gifts? Not many you think. Would you want to be a part of this 60 percent or be the one to make an impression with your own creation? The decision is yours!

Christmas is a time for giving. And chocolate has the power to bring everyone together. Combine the two and you’ve got a duo better than Sonny and Cher. Chocolate is not exclusive to Christmas and vice versa. The exclusivity comes from the heart. It’s the thought that makes a Christmas gift special and worth remembering, not the price tag.