Easter Gifts

Easter Sunday morning dawns fresh and crisp. The bright light of spring streams through the slits in your blinds and you get out of bed excitedly. A day full of amazing food, celebration, and Easter eggs! You gather all your family and loved ones and start hunting for Easter eggs.

Today is going to be a great day.

What is Easter?

Many of us are unclear as to the real meaning of Easter. This may be due to the fact that the holiday has become heavily commercialized. Easter is a Christian holiday which marks the end of the period of Lent and in which the resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated. The festival also coincides with the beginning of spring and so embodies themes of life, renewal, rebirth and the restoration of all things and beings. Most Christians begin Easter Sunday by going to Sunday mass. The rest of the day is then filled with celebrations and feasts with family and friends.

In addition to religious significance, today, Easter has become a very commercially successful holiday. It is seen as a time for celebration by both Christians and non-Christians alike in many countries. Many greeting cards are distributed. Sales of Chocolate Easter eggs, bunnies, marshmallow bunnies, and sugar candy in the shape of little chicks are very high. The day is filled with feasting with traditional Easter foods varying according to regions. Games like the Easter egg hunt, customs such as decorating Easter eggs, and going to Easter parades are some of the common engagements for families this holiday.

It is also common for families to decorate colorful eggs and give them out. Plastic colorful eggs stuffed with candy are also sold. Many families exchange various gifts, sweets, and chocolate too.

Gifts from the Easter bunny

The Easter Bunny is to Easter what Santa Claus is to Christmas. This cuddly cotton tailed bunny brings a host of sweet treats and gifts for kids every year.

If you have Easter Bunny duties this year and are responsible for giving out gifts, here are a few ideas that might help you in thinking like a Bunny:

Gourmet candy basket - So the Easter Bunny came this year and dropped off a gigantic basket filled with all your favorite candy? How did he know about all the goodies we love? A magical bunny never tells his secrets!

Easter chocolate gift box - How is one supposed to contain their excitement when there is a large box filled with chocolate sitting right in front of them? This includes everything from chocolate eggs, bunnies, and chicks ready for you to gobble up.

Easter cupcakes - How about taking some time out to bake a perfect batch of cupcakes and decorating them with bunnies and colorful Easter eggs? With all the solid chocolate going around, it might be a nice change to have some moist cupcakes to snack on, too.

Easter egg decorating kit – Since everyone is going to be rolling up their sleeves and putting on their creative hats to decorate eggs, why not give them a fancy decorating kit with all the tools they’d need to make the most beautiful eggs imaginable?

Customized Easter egg basket - For adults, this basket can be filled with a little less candy and a little more of what they might like better. These baskets can have an assortment of jams, gourmet cookies, little wine bottles, etc. Customize the basket according to who you’re planning to give it to.

Hand painted Easter eggs - Show off your creative muscles by painting your own Easter egg masterpieces. Give these to your family and friends and they’re sure to be impressed.

Sugar eggs filled with candy – This is another gift idea. The shell of the egg is made from sugar and filled with an assortment of candies. You can decorate the egg with food coloring to make it look pretty, too. Once received, the guests crack the egg open and are delighted to find that they can enjoy the sugary shell as well as the goodies inside.

This Easter, take on some of the responsibilities of the Easter Bunny and take part in the spirit of giving. There are a variety of creative gift ideas to choose from because someone needs to give Santa a run for his money!