Fall Gifts

Fall Gifts – It takes more than a Gift to make an impression

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear Autumn?

Scenario number 1: Autumn leaves falling slowly around you as you sit under a Baldcypress or a Sugar Maple. Surrounded by a sea of yellow and impossibly bright orange leaves, you cozy up to a loved one or alone with a favorite writer. The absence of heat feels a little strange but you welcome it as you wrap your sweater tightly around you and watch the sun set.

Scenario number 2: Dry skin followed by itching and scratching. Shorter days make things difficult as you come back from work, you start sweeping dead leaves in the back yard. With the light fading you wonder if you still have time to finish that tree house you promised your daughter last year. Another year gone, will have to wait for summers, seasonal depression sets in.

Fall can have this affect on people. It’s the end of summers and a prelude to winter. It’s how you look at things. Some can’t wait for the drop in temperature, while others hate the onset of the seasonal flu it brings. However, with changing seasons, it’s not that bad after all. For instance, tis the season with the most holidays, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. So in other words if you’re dreading fall and can’t wait for winters to come and be gone, don’t be such a sourpuss. Enjoy it by making someone happy with wonderful fall gifts.

Columbus Day – This day is all about discovery and going into the unknown. Be creative with this holiday. Celebrate with a get together. Bake a chocolate cake and ice 1492 or if you’re good, a telescope would look really cool. Don’t worry if you don’t hit the mark the first time, Columbus was actually looking for India when he accidentally discovered America.

Halloween – Not a holiday as such but still a lot of fun though. The parties, the costumes, Halloween can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re not the host. Firstly you need to stock up on candy, if you want to be popular among the neighborhood kids. And if you get chocolates, that would be a smart investment if you want your front and back yard clean. This investment may get you through the winters as well. Always think ahead and consider your target audience.

Veterans Day – This day is a reminder of the sacrifices of every person who’ve served in the Armed Forces. It is because of these sacrifices today we live free. Celebrate it by inviting or volunteering. And if you can’t do both then put some thought into your gifts, instead of a random ‘like’ or a ‘comment’. Let these brave men and women know that you appreciate what they’ve done and doing for your country and children.

Thanksgiving – This holiday is all about being thankful. Family, friends, a good home and a table full of mouth watering delicacies. What more can anyone ask for. The festivities include mom’s special recipe turkey, with pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes. It was the pilgrims and puritans who gave birth to this tradition, centuries later, the menu may have evolved with tofu based substitutes and Dungeness crab, but the spirit of giving and being thankful remains intact.

All these occasions are a part of tradition. And they all require attention if you want your kids to learn and respect the past. Anyone can buy a box of chocolates, candy or biscuits and there is nothing wrong with that. But if you want to make an impression and let the people around you know how special they are, take some time out and put some thought into it. Both the person and the occasion deserve it.