New Baby Gifts

When a child is born

The day dawned bright and blue. As the sun slowly climbs up into the sky, wisps of pink clouds emerge against the backdrop of forget-me-not blue. The expecting parents wait with baited breath, hardly able to contain their excitement. They got word that the stork would be coming today to drop off their little bundle of joy. As they stood outside on their porch scanning the skies, a pair of stark white wings came into view just above the horizon. The stork flew gracefully and each rhythmic flap of its great wings mimicked the excited racing of the parents’ hearts. The great bird landed softly and looked at them with a glint in its eyes: it knew the joy they were about to experience. Inside the folds of a piece of white cloth, there lay a beautiful baby with bright eyes and a toothless grin etched across its angelic face. The child stretched its arms out towards its parents and in that instant they looked at each other and knew:

A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, and a dream of possibilities – Eda J. Le Shan

Baby Shower Time!

When it comes to babies Love is all they need. Well that and food, milk, clothes, toys too. Nonetheless, babies are quite easy to please. So much so they even find TV remotes to be the perfect teething toy. If you don’t want your baby putting remotes in their mouth or playing with anything they can get their hands on, below, you will find some excellent ideas for gifts for the new born child.

Baby showers are an excellent way to celebrate the approaching birth of a new baby. These parties are usually thrown for the mother-to-be and she is ‘showered’ with gifts.

Here are some great gift ideas that you can give new mothers (or expectant mothers) or buy for your own new born child:

Customized clothing: How cute would the little one look wearing little jumpers, hats and bibs with their name on it? You can also customize baby blankets or pillows!

Photo Album or Scrapbook: Buy one of these and fill it with pictures and mementos of the new born. These can include copies of the ultrasound, pictures in the hospital, drinking their first bottle of milk, etc. Memories are priceless and this gift would be an excellent way to gather all those beautiful moments in one place.

Books: It’s never too early to start reading, right? Expand the little ones horizons by getting them some books. You don’t have to get them Shakespeare or Hemingway. Picture books will do just fine for now.

Toys: You can never have enough toys, and babies seem to figure this one out very quick. For new born babies toys include:

  • Rattles
  • Alphabet blocks
  • Teething toys
  • Musical toys

Gift Baskets for the baby: A gift basket is an excellent way to give a number of different gifts. The basket could be filled with anything – clothing, toys, you name it. Here the sky’s the limit.

Gift baskets for the mother: Moms deserves some credit too! Give a gift basket filled with treats for new mothers. These can include their favorite chocolates, scented candles, and maybe even a cute ‘baby on board’ sign for the car.

Sweet Treats: Sure the baby won’t be able to enjoy these, but this is a celebration meant for the new parents too. Congratulatory chocolates or gift baskets make great gifts. You could also give them artisan or gourmet treats such as chocolate strawberries or candy apple sets.

A Party to Celebrate the New Arrival

Baby showers are thrown in honor of the newest edition to the family. At the shower, why not give guests a small token of appreciation for coming and celebrating with you? Baby chocolate favors arrangements are popular choices when giving gifts. These arrangements could be customized depending on whether the baby is a boy or a girl.
Deepak Chopra summed it all up when he said ‘It is the nature of babies to be in bliss.’ When a child is born that happiness is felt by all those near and dear to the baby. Giving gifts is a wonderful way to express joy, and congratulate two people on the birth of their new baby. Plus, the babies are at that stage in their lives where just about anything could make them happy or annoyed. Therefore, buying a gift for a new born should theoretically be a no-brainer; however some thought should go into it too.