Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate is no longer a guilty pleasure that gets your pulse racing with its smooth velvety taste and strong aroma. This delicious, rich treat is in fact good for you. When eaten in moderation, dark chocolate helps reduce weight. According to experts, it contains powerful calorie burning antioxidants. Dark chocolate is also a mood booster and melts away stress with every single bite. The purest form of chocolate helps ward off heart failure and lowers cholesterol. Want glowing skin? Indulge in a piece or two of dark chocolate. Antioxidants in cocoa beans help improve your appearance. So next time you’re looking to sweeten up a special occasion, get dark chocolate.

Milk Chocolate

There is a lot more to chocolate besides having a rich, creamy flavor that appeals to the senses. Devoured all across the globe, this sweet pleasure has so many things wrapped in it – childhood memories, simpler times and happy moments. Chocolate is versatile. Besides making special moments all the more sweeter, chocolate is a wonderful ice breaker, an energy booster, good for health and conveys the right message when words fail you. A sweet surrender, milk chocolate is a savior when we are feeling blue and want to melt away all the bitterness from our lives. There is no doubt that chocolate is an unadulterated bliss that will keep you in shape and your senses alive.

Chocolate Gifts

Whether you are a chocoholic or just enjoy occasional bites, chocolate gifts will always bring a smile on your face. Chocolate is the perfect gift for all occasions. And the best part about this is that it comes in so many flavors and combinations. Have a Jewish friend, you can look into kosher chocolates. Or a family member who suffers from heart disease, chocolate can help ward off cardiovascular ailments – except for love. It has the power to make a new friend, express your love or tell someone they are special to you. A beautifully wrapped box can do all of this and more.

Fruity Chocolate

Aromatic chocolate blended with vibrant fruits offers some of the most delicious combinations. Chocolate’s affair with fruits will never lose its passion. Fruity chocolate is an all-time favorite of many and the rich, smooth taste offers a unique chocolate experience. What would summers be without refreshing fruit filled chocolates! Enjoy exotic flavors like strawberry, coconut, orange and cherry, coated with delectable chocolate. In winters treat yourself to nutty fruit chocolate and savor roasted almonds, cashews, raisons and hazelnuts enrobed in the finest chocolate. Fruity chocolates are a great option when entertaining or for those quiet solitary moments.

White Chocolate

There is a never ending debate in the world of chocolate: is white chocolate really chocolate? Considered as the odd one out, white chocolate fans love the rich creamy texture that melts in their mouth and leaves no bitter aftertaste. The addition of rich cocoa butter gives white chocolate its silky and luscious texture. White chocolate has many health benefits. Antioxidants extracted from the cocoa plant improve overall health and reduce aging. It’s good for your heart as it reduces cholesterol and blood pressure. White chocolate is not only a great snack, but is also baker’s paradise. It complements delicate flavors and serves well as a versatile base for desserts.

Kosher Chocolate

Chocolate has been a favorite for centuries. But with time, the industry has brought in kosher certification standards. This has increased scrutiny as well as opportunities. Kosher is about both ingredients and the preparation of chocolate. The facility, equipment and process of making chocolate, all have to be carefully inspected and must go through a strict quality check. No matter what the form, be it dark chocolate, milk, bittersweet, white or semi-sweet, kosher certified chocolates meet the highest standards today. Kosher chocolates are made only from pure cocoa butter, so when shopping for one, check the ingredients and the labeling first.

Chocolate Strawberries

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of strawberries? A plump juicy strawberry, dipped in smooth silky chocolate topped with whipped cream, right? Strawberries are the perfect way to welcome summers. And add chocolate to the mix and you’ve got yourself a luscious combination. Packed with health benefits, it is a nutritious treat for both body and mind. Chocolate covered strawberries make the best gift for all kinds of occasions especially Valentine’s Day. This classic assortment is not only delicious but also gorgeous. Dipped in the richest chocolate and drizzled with your favorite topping, it is surely a delectable treat.

Chocolate Bars and Snacks

Chocolate is sensuous, complex, rich – it’s a treat like no other. A bite of chocolate can satisfy your sweet tooth after a meal or can serve as an icebreaker when meeting someone new. And now research says that chocolate is actually beneficial for you. If eaten in moderation, pure chocolate has a blood-thinning effect that can help your heart and boost the immune system. With healthy chocolate bars and snacks you can now satisfy your cravings, improve your mood and get that energy back. So get your hands on chocolate granola and dark chocolate bars for a filling and nutritional snack.

Assorted Chocolate

Assorted chocolates are like your favorite playlist on your iPod. It is a blend of different flavors, types and fusion of popular and all-time favorites. With chocolates, there are so many flavors and combinations. Inside an assortment of dark, milk and white chocolate you can enjoy an exciting array of rich pralines, ganache, creamy caramels, roasted nuts and sumptuous fruit fillings. Besides these regular flavors, there are many unique combinations as well, such as lemon and raspberry filled chocolates. So with a little bit of everything, enjoy new flavors and pleasantly surprise your taste buds.

Coffee and Cocoa

Coffee and cocoa may be distant cousins but both have a lot in common. For starters, both are great for your health and have the unmistakable aroma and mouthwatering taste. Like chocolate, every coffee is unique and there are different complex flavors to explore. Cocoa and coffee contain stimulant substances that improve brain function and prevent memory loss. Both flavors give your heart some love as they reduce the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. Coffee and cocoa grounds are also used in home remedies especially if you want fresh looking skin and shiny hair. Use them in facial masks and as dry shampoo to get the best results. There is no end to the versatility of these two super-foods.