Chocolate Cookies

  • A cookie a day, keeps the doctor away

So maybe that’s not the actual saying but it should be. Chocolate cookies may be very valuable considering the health benefits associated with chocolate, flour and eggs. etc. Chocolate helps in preventing heart issues – except for love – as well as reducing the amount of cholesterol build-up. Cookies also use ingredients that provide many essential minerals and vitamins necessary for the body. Finally, the chocolate in the cookies acts as anti-depressants releasing endorphins in the brain to give feelings of pleasure and satisfaction.

  • Go cuckoo when making cookies

There are pretty straightforward methods of making chocolate cookies and most people tend to stick to their old tried and tested formulas. However, the great thing about making cookies is that you can let your imagination and creativity go wild and also have some fun in the process. There is no limit to what you can create if you put your mind to it.

An example can be a cookie pizza where the base is made up of chocolate cookie dough and the toppings can be anything you like, such as sprinkles, white chocolate, M&M’S, etc. You can also make waffles, cupcakes, pudding, cannoli and even milkshakes out of chocolate cookies.

  • There is more to cookies than milk

Cookies and milk is a match made in heaven, just like carrots and peas or Dicaprio and Scorsese. Where you find one, the other has to follow. But the great thing about chocolate cookies is that your choices are not limited to milk. There are so many others that work just as well with cookies, if not better.

Berries go really well with chocolate cookies, and so do other fruits like bananas, coconuts etc. Chocolate cookies with ice cream and nuts taste quite wonderful too. Marshmallows and other such sweet delicacies also compliment chocolate cookies very well, giving you a wide range of options to work with.

  • “Chocolate cookies: Taking over the world one cookie at a time…no two cookies…well maybe three…four?”

Why is it that chocolate cookies are loved all over the world? Many don’t realize the cultural importance of this treat. Cookies and milk have become synonymous to having a heart to heart with a loved one. This combination is also associated with childhood memories of caring parents and a good loving home. Chocolate cookies are not only for ordinary folk after all, as the White House uses these treats to make foreign dignitaries feel at home too. And if you’re looking to make a great first impression at work or a social gathering, a fresh batch of tasty chocolate cookies will do the trick.

Chocolate cookies, in other words, are time machines that take you back to when dad’s shoulders were the highest place you could think of, and race only meant who could run the fastest. These treats take us back to simpler times and most don’t mind taking a trip down memory lane once in a while.