Chocolate Covered Fruit

Decadent desserts are all well and good but who can deny the enticing appeal of fresh fruit. Imagine sitting on your porch on a warm summer day and biting into a ripe peach and relishing in its sweet and tangy flavor. Or imagine holding onto a bunch of grapes and pulling off individual juicy grapes and popping them in your mouth and savoring each bite of their exquisite taste. Nature was the original producer of desserts. She’s got a whole lot of variety to satisfy your sweet tooth and that rumbling tummy. If she opened up a dessert shop, the menu would be ripe with endless flavors and choices of delicious goodies:

Fruit: nature’s desserts

  • Ripe, succulent peaches
  • Tart raspberries
  • Crunchy apples
  • Smooth sweet bananas
  • Tangy oranges
  • Juicy cherries
  • Sour grapefruit
  • Exotic kiwi
  • Tropical mangoes
  • Delightful melons
  • Soft and fleshy plums
  • Bright red strawberries

But what happens when you bring together age old natural desserts with the modern behemoth of the dessert world, chocolate?

An unimaginable symphony of flavor and wonder.

Chocolate-fall – the new and improved waterfall

Whoever thought of bringing these two together obviously foresaw how explosive their union could be. Fruit is natural, wholesome goodness. You can indulge in a bowl of fresh fruit without being racked with guilt and nightmares about the stockpile of calories you just consumed. And a little bit of pure chocolate never harmed anyone, right?

Fondue fountains get everyone excited. Cascading walls of glossy warm chocolate flow before your eyes. Now, unfortunately it’s not socially acceptable to scream cowabunga! and jump in to that chocolate-fall. We can’t control where your imagination may take you, but we can give you a few suggestions to enjoy some of that chocolaty goodness. We suggest that you exercise a wee bit of restraint and satisfy yourself with dipping delicious pieces of fruit into the flowing chocolate instead.

A successful fusion

Chocolate covered fruit is such an incredibly irresistible combination that it’s undeniably left its mark on the world of desserts. There are so many different varieties of this combination, with different fruits, different types of chocolate and additional toppings.

Here are some mouthwatering examples:

  • Edible arrangements – you can get chocolate covered fruits in the shape of flower bouquets! How’s that for a new and unique way to give someone a gift?
  • Chocolate covered berries with high concentrations of antioxidants – these not only taste divine, they have a tremendous amount of health benefits. Berries like blueberries or acai berries are coated in dark chocolate. The berries boast their own benefits and are high in antioxidants and dark chocolate has its own health benefits. Plus this treat is low in calories!
  • Chocolate covered strawberries – This treat screams romance, elegance, and sophistication. Ripe and juicy strawberries dipped in milk, white, or dark chocolate. They can then be drizzled with more chocolate or coated with crushed nuts.
  • Fruit basket – a large fruit basket with assorted fruits dipped in chocolate also makes a great gift. Fruit such as apple wedges, pineapple slices, strawberries, and cherries can be used.

Chocolate covered fruits are a fusion of two tantalizing elements: irresistibly smooth chocolate and fresh and flavorful fruits. It offers us a chance to have all the goodness of nature’s bounty with a little something extra.