Chocolate Cupcakes

Dessert is a meal in and of itself. No matter how much you eat, there’s always room for dessert. We all know that moment when, after having finished dinner, dessert comes out: a large, moist, decadent looking chocolate cake with perfect, rich waves of chocolate butter cream  frosting is placed right before you. I could eat the whole thing myself, you silently think. And yet, unfortunately, you have to share. That’s where cupcakes come in. These little guys are single serving cakes – that means, no more sharing. You get to enjoy each and every bite all by yourself!

Cupcakes are one of the most popular dessert items and have taken the culinary world by storm.They’re easy to make, can be decorated in an endless number of ways, and come in many different flavors. One of the most popular versions of the treat is the absolutely fail safe chocolate cupcake.

In her book Bittersweet, author Sarah Ockler wisely says “I’ve never met a problem a proper cupcake couldn’t fix.” 

A few cupcake facts for you to digest

  • The first mention of cupcakes can be traced back as far as 1796! In the cookbook American Cookery by Amelia Simmons, a recipe used the description ‘a cake to be baked in small cups’.
  • Cupcakes were originally called number cakes because it was easy to remember their portions.
  • Cupcakes cooked faster than regular cakes, and so were considered a convenient alternative.
  • December 15th is National Cupcake Day
  • It is estimated that over 770,000,000 cupcakes were eaten in the U.S alone in 2012
  • The world’s largest cupcake was made by in 2009 and weighed in at 1,224 pounds, and was 4 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The calorie count on this bad boy was a whopping 2 million calories!
  • The record for eating the most cupcakes in the shortest time is 29 cupcakes in 30 seconds!
  • The first cupcakes only bakery opened in Beverley Hills in 2005 and is called Sprinkles Bakery. Today, the bakery sells over 26,000 cupcakes a day!
  • Sprinkles Bakery also made the first ever cupcake ATM that dispenses cupcakes 24 hours a day.
  • The cookbook, Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes, spent 11 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list
  • There is a show called Cupcake Wars which has over 1.6 million viewers and 9 seasons. It is a show dedicated to people making cupcakes.
  • Cupcakes are now served at 13% of weddings in place of traditional wedding cakes.

‘There are only three constants in life: chance, choice, and cupcakes’

In life, you’ll meet certain people that everyone just loves being around. They’re sweet, filled with joy, and they just make you so happy to be around them. Cupcakes are the equivalent of those types of people when it comes to sweet treats.

Chocolate cupcakes go a step further and combine the best of both worlds: chocolate and cake. As the popular saying goes, you are what you eat. In that case, who wouldn’t want to be a delightful little cupcake? In the sage words of author Jasinda Wilder “What can I say? I’ve never met a cupcake I didn’t want to get to know better.” No doubt about that Ms Wilder, we all agree!