Chocolate Desserts

Dessert is an absolutely essential part of any meal. Ask most mom’s how they get their kids to finish their dinner and they’ll tell you it’s the promise of dessert. Anyone who’s organized a lunch or a dinner knows that a dessert is the crown jewel of the event.

There are innumerable amount of desserts that exist. Each country has its own signature desserts, and everyone has their own particular likes and dislikes. Desserts not only satisfy our sweet tooth cravings, they also allow us to channel our inner creativity!

When it comes to desserts, most people will tell you that nothing beats a good chocolate dessert.

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts!

Who can deny the irresistible powers of chocolate desserts? Even those individuals who are on diets have a hard time staying away from a good chocolate dessert. Plus, the fact that there are so many different types of decadent chocolate desserts doesn’t make it any easier for us to exercise some form of restraint.

Here are some popular chocolate desserts that we all know and love:

Chocolate cake – need we say more? This dessert all-star is an all-time classic. Layers of moist, chocolate sponge cake with rich and creamy frosting make for an unbelievable decadent treat.

Chocolate pudding – this chocolate custard treat is a favorite among both the young and the old.

Chocolate brownies – dessert on the go! Grab these rich chocolate brownies and take them with you anywhere for a portable chocolate dessert.

Chocolate pie – who needs regular fruit pies when you can have chocolate pie? Flaky pastry and clouds of chocolate cream…now that’s heavenly.

Chocolate cheesecake – add chocolate to a regular cheesecake for a rich and irresistible cake.

Chocolate crème Brule – we all know and love good old crème brule. Now imagine this terrific dessert with a chocolate custard…oh my.

Chocolate tart – dark chocolate tart with raspberries and a dollop of cream. Perfection in every bite.

Chocolate mousse – clouds of airy chocolate mousse melt in your mouth and leave you floating up in the clouds.

Chocolate molten lava cake– oozing warm chocolate wells out from the center of a dense chocolate cake. Now that’s an explosive dessert!

Chocolate ice-cream – ‘I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!’ But only if it’s chocolate ice-cream.

Chocolate fondue – Fountains of flowing warm chocolate ready for you to dip bits of fruit or cake in its downpour.

Chocolate fudge – Sweet, rich, decadent melt in your mouth pieces of chocolate fudge are absolutely divine!

Chocolate dipped strawberries – This sophisticated treat is a lovely blend of sweet strawberries with the smooth cocoa goodness of chocolate.

Chocolate cupcakes – mini chocolate cakes to go. Need we say anything more?

Chocolate parfaits– Picture this: layers of chocolate, crunchy granola, and fruit. We’ve got four words for you: give it to us! NOW!

Chocolate pots du crème – This lovely French dessert is literally pots of chocolate cream. It is a dessert so rich, so chocolaty; you won’t be able to control yourself!

Chocolate desserts are everyone’s go to guilty pleasures. Nothing beats a rich chocolate cake or a bowl of chocolate strawberries after a delicious meal. This final touch is absolutely essential: it’s what makes the meal truly unforgettable.