Chocolate Strawberries

A DIY Guide

Imagine a fresh, juicy chocolate covered strawberries in your hand. You could just pop it in your mouth and enjoy its goodness right there and then. Or you could give yourself the royal treatment and dip it in a bowl of silky smooth chocolate to make the experience even more heavenly.

Yes, chocolate strawberries are indeed a match made in heaven. Both are as delectable and decadent as they are universally loved. What’s more, it’s a guilt-free treat. Chocolates and strawberries are chock full of antioxidants and help lower blood pressure and reduce the chances of heart disease.

But if you’ve ever come across a dish of chocolate covered strawberries at a party that looked as eye-popping as it was succulent and wondered how your host pulled it off, you’re in luck. You could come up with your own fancy chocolate-dipped strawberries buffet if you think a little creatively.

Dip It:

Dunk your strawberry into your choice of melted chocolate—milk, white, or dark. You could even add peanut butter or champagne to your dip and spice things up a notch. Pre dip your strawberries or leave it for your guests to do it. Either way, this is a failsafe appetizer or dessert.

Design It:

Add some stylistic touches to your dipped strawberry with some dots, swizzles and lettering. You could even use colored powder or fondant instead of chocolate. This is where your creativity will come in, if you’re good at arts, you’ll enjoy this. Get your kids involved as well, nothing like a good ol’ family activity to bring everyone together.

Top It:

Coat your chocolate covered strawberries with some crunchy chopped nuts, shimmery sugar, chocolate chips, or multi-colored sprinkles. Again be as creative as possible. You’d be surprised how different ingredients mixed together could taste so good. Have fun experimenting with new combinations, it’s your laboratory and you’re the scientist, create something awesome.

Chocolate strawberries are also the perfect gift for any occasion, both elegant and simple. Express your feelings or add a twist to your themed desserts with this delectable treat:

    • Valentines: This is a no brainer. Chocolate and valentines go together like ‘carrot and peas’. Add some strawberries to show your special someone you’re a romantic at heart.
    • Birthdays: No one likes getting old. That doesn’t mean you have to hate birthdays. Surprise the lucky birthday boy/girl with dozens of balloons and confetti colored chocolate covered strawberries reminding them it’s the life in the years that count, not the years in your life.
    • Christmas: Bring some holiday cheer with chocolate strawberries designed as snowmen and holly swizzles. Christmas is all about getting into the holiday spirit. Wow everyone this year with your little creative marvels.
    • Easter: Eggs aren’t the only things that come in chocolate. Strawberries are just as versatile and yummy. Send your kids on a scavenger hunt and watch their little faces beam when they get strawberries instead of eggs.
    • Wedding: This special day could become even more perfect with strawberries and chocolate. Weddings are all about unions and partnership. It would be a good omen to start a new life with your partner on the right note.
    • Halloween: Can you imagine anything more perfectly resembling tiny edible ghosts and witch hats? Creativity and that artistic desire to do something unique and special is the key here.
    • Thanksgiving: Gobble up these desserts with the family around the turkey table. chocolate covered strawberries would be the perfect desert with that juicy bird.
  • Sports: Make the sports fan in your life feel like the MVP with football (basketball or baseball) chocolate strawberries. Turn your chocolate covered strawberries into cute little footballs. Remember its ‘laces out’ for the perfect kick.
  • New Year’s: Watch the ball drop and become the host/hostess of the New Year with these treats as your hors d’oeuvres. Welcome the New Year on the right note and enjoy all the compliments.
  • Business: Liven up meetings to make your employees feel special or close a deal by impressing the client with this delicacy. Business doesn’t have to be all professional, these treats can convey the right message.

They say there are two kinds of people in this world: those who like chocolate, and those who like strawberries. Bring these two together and see the sparks fly. Remember it’s the little things that make all the difference in life.