Coffee and Cocoa

 Distant Cousins with a lot in Common

Nothing sounds better than a warm cup of coffee or a deliciously divine cup of hot cocoa, on a cold winter morning. Certainly, a sinfully delicious way to start that lazy Sunday right!

Coffee and Cocoa make the perfect morning beverages, no doubt. But that’s not all they’re worth. Let’s take a look at some interesting and some downright crazy things these magic beans are capable of.

Starting off with coffee…

Halloween Pumpkin Disaster!

Why risk looking like a Halloween pumpkin with an orange fake spray tan when you can get the perfect sun kissed look right at home with nothing but coffee beans. Coffee beans have been long used for their brown dye, for adding color to skin and hair. One cup of unflavored coffee grounds in a warm bath is all you need to look you just came back from a vacation.

Coffeemakers actually have an International Championship!

Baristas are highly skilled professional who make espressos. These professionals go through rigorous training and are required to operate complex espresso machines to make that perfect drink. This art requires years of training and commitment. The World Barista Championships (WBC) is a testament to the obsessive drive these professionals have for perfection and taste.

“Crawl away, insects!”

Makes coffee sound weirder than you thought, doesn’t it? But it’s true, old grounds of coffee can be sprinkled around places where you don’t want ants, snails or slugs. It serves as a good insect repellant. And it also repels cats!

Now before you get entirely weirded out by coffee, let’s move on to cocoa, shall we?

Cocoa makes chocolate, and you’d be so wrong if you thought chocolate was just used as a delectable delight…

Go for that Million Dollar Smile with Cocoa!

As odd as it may sound, cocoa is more effective than fluoride in keeping your teeth healthy. According to Tulane University’s Arman Sadeghpour, an extract that naturally occurs in chocolate, teas and a few other products, might serve as an effective natural alternative to fluoride in toothpaste. And you thought chocolate was only bad news for your teeth.

Chocolate creators have a competition too!

Chocolatiers are no less than coffeemakers in this regard! Kicking off in 2005, following a merger between “Le Grand International de la Chocolaterie” organized by Cacao Barry, and, and the “International Belgium Chocolate Award” organized by Callebaut, the World Chocolate Masters competition has been dedicated solely to the art of chocolate making. Know what you’re thinking, how do they select the judges. Well, these individuals go through years of training in tasting chocolate. Yes, we know we’ve all done that. No, you just can’t walk in there and be a judge!

Make your shampoo yourself

What if there is a sudden plan to go out with your friends and you have just half an hour to wash your hair, dry them and get ready? Here’s an easy way to save time: wash your hair with a DIY dry shampoo that you can easily make at home using cocoa powder, among a few other things! All you need is cornstarch, a few drops of essential oil, baking soda and of course, cocoa powder. Follow a few simple steps and you’re all set for your night out with friends.

Surprising how two such exquisitely tasty products, discovered centuries apart but belong to the same family can be used in such odd ways. And not to mention, the professionals who have inspired so many with their creations.

But let’s face it, no matter how versatile these products may be and how McGyver(y) you could get with them, there is no better use for hot cup of coffee to start your day and a bar of chocolate to keep your engine running throughout the day.