Dark Chocolate

The intense aroma of dark chocolate has a seductive power. The unmistakable scent of rich chocolate draws you in, leading to a pleasurable experience. The dark smooth bar breaks with a clean definitive snap, and with one bite you know you are dealing with fine chocolate. Pure, complex and strong, its flavor doesn’t depend on sugar and milk. Easily melting in your mouth, it feels smooth, satiny and simply flawless. The bittersweet flavor lingers and you must have another bite.

You need to have a palate for dark chocolate and those who do, claim it’s the only way chocolate should be. It’s like having a glass of wine after a long day or enjoying a luxurious meal. You savor it bite by bite, eating in small quantities. Once the tantalizing aroma and rich flavor kicks in, you know you’re having an out of body experience.

Good news is that dark chocolate is no longer a guilty pleasure. The velvety, smooth taste that gets your pulse racing actually has many benefits. Feeling blue? A single bite will lift your mood. You can now indulge in your dark chocolate passion knowing that it will give your heart some love. In its purest form, chocolate lowers blood pressure and prevents heart attack. Enjoy the exquisite rich flavor without worrying about those extra pounds as dark chocolate helps lose weight and gives you better looking skin. It improves brain activity and prevents memory loss as well.

Now there are a lot rumors going around how dark chocolate is bad for you and how it’ll make you break out, gain weight, lose your teeth and turn you into a vampire. The last one was an exaggeration but the point is that people believe what they read and there are some who take advantage of that. To put everyone’s mind at ease, here are the most common myths about chocolates that are just not true.

Chocolate equals Weight Gain
Whoever said ‘All the good things in life are fattening, immoral or illegal’ definitely wasn’t talking about chocolate. Chocolate, from the start, has been chastised as a sugary treat that is unhealthy and in some cases immoral – reference to Alfred Molina’s character in the movie Chocolat (2000). But nothing could be further from the truth. Chocolate – especially Dark Chocolate – is rich in Flavanols. This group of antioxidants is good for your heart, blood circulation and cholesterol. This doesn’t mean you start binging on chocolate, moderation is the key here.

  1. No Nutritional Value

Why do we automatically assume anything that tastes good must be unhealthy? Dark chocolate is a great source of iron, magnesium, zinc and copper. It also contains protein, calcium, and various phenolic compounds. These can lower your blood pressure, are insulin resistant and help towards healthy heart and lungs.

  1. Causes Acne

There may be other factors that are causing your acne, but rest assured chocolate isn’t one of them. Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants, which actually helps in clearing your skin by improving blood circulation. Studies going as far as the 1960’s have found no evidence between chocolate and acne. The main cause of acne are hormonal changes, chocolate just got a bad rap.

  1. Cause for Tooth Decay

This myth is understandable. Here you have something that is sweet and you automatically think this is going to be bad for teeth, just like normal candy. This may be true for normal chocolate with sugar, but not for dark chocolate. Natural chemicals in cocoa beans fight harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay. These are so effective that there is a possibility future toothpastes and mouthwashes may contain these chemicals.

  1. Causes Depression

You know why you crave chocolate when you are depressed, because it makes you happy. Chocolate contains Tryptophan, a chemical that influences endorphin levels in our brain which then produces serotonin. And this causes that euphoric feeling when we taste chocolate. So the next time life doesn’t treat you right, don’t go to your doctor for an antidepressant, treat yourself to a dark chocolate.

Winston Churchill said a lot of great things but one of his greatest quotes was ‘A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on’. And to think the Nazis wanted to assassinate him with a bar of chocolate says a lot about propaganda.