Fruity Chocolate

The Goodness of Fruits and the Awesomeness of Chocolates

To be inquisitive of what lies beneath the surface is human nature. When it comes to fruity chocolates, this urge becomes irresistible. We’ve all experienced it. Quickly biting off the dark brown layer to discover the world wrapped in the bar and relishing the crunchy nuts, the gooey cherry and the tangy orange centers. No matter what the fruit, its affair with chocolate is one that never loses passion.

But limiting this duo to its seductive element wouldn’t be fair to its universal appeal. The twinkle in a kid’s eye when he discovers bright little surprises in his chocolate, speaks much more of the joys that this combination has brought in our lives. And here is an interesting study whose title just sums everything up. According to a research aptly titled ‘cocoa-rich treat is healthier than fruit’, chocolate may actually be healthier than fruit. Imagine that! Chocolates like moods come in all flavors! You may be a fan of a particular kind of chocolate or might not be much of a fruit person; but when certain fruits are paired with the right chocolate, you get an amazing combination. Below are few such examples.

    1. Coconut Chocolate- the black and white affair!


The white coconut filling in contrast to the brown chocolate coating makes a powerful pair. They say opposites attract but in this case they also rule. Complementing each other’s flavors, they both come out as winners. The soft texture, light taste and refreshing impact of coconut chocolate makes you savor each moment of the Caribbean delight. Taste apart, the fruit itself has a plethora of advantages. With numerous benefits to skin, hair, bones and teeth, the antioxidant properties in coconut help one look and feel young. So next time you munch on a coconut chocolate and people start warning you about your skin or weight, let it be known that you are not just doing your taste buds a favor but your entire body as well.

    1. Strawberry Chocolate - a sweet embrace with a sweetheart!


The strawberry-chocolate romance is timeless. Called the ‘magic fruit’ in Germany and “Queen of Fruits” by the Chinese, the versatile berry is a heart winner itself. But when it embraces chocolate, lending its sweet tart flavor; the blend feels like heaven on the palette. And on Valentine’s Day, it’s those heart-shaped red berries, dark chocolate and attractive basket that wins over your lover and says all the right things. Both strawberry and chocolate contain antioxidant properties that strengthen your immune system and heart. In other words, no matter what the case, your heart comes out as the winner.

  1. Orange Chocolate – the tangy-sweet twist!

If you have not yet tried orange chocolate, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. The mix of chocolate and citrus makes for a tangy and sweet flavor that asks for immediate attention. The flame-colored delight bathed in dark chocolate creates a spark that tricks you initially and as you munch on, little surprises unfold and make themselves at home in your mouth.

According to the renowned author and martial arts expert, Tae Yun Kim, Orange strengthens your emotional body, encouraging a general feeling of joy, well-being, and cheerfulness.” So, if you are stressed or want to cheer up a friend, now you know what will have the desired effect.  

  1. Cherry - pretty on top but pure bliss in chocolate!

Used for adding the final decorative touch to virtually any dessert, cherries taste scrumptiously sweet when placed inside the silky coating of decadent chocolate. The flavor makes you want to retain the lusciousness and go for another one.
But cherries do much more than look pretty and taste good. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C and are very beneficial for people suffering from arthritis.

  1. Raspberry – Not just a pretty face

Raspberries have a light and subtle taste. But when combined with dark chocolate, the result is an exquisite fine bar that melts smoothly in your mouth. It feels sweet and uplifts your spirits like its Christmas.

The tender raspberry is loaded with vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Raspberry face masks are popular items in cosmetic stores as they contribute largely in treating age spots, discoloration and wrinkles.

Last but not least, the ingredient that adds magic to these fruits is Chocolate. It is a myth that chocolate causes depression, acne or excessive weight gain. Contrary to that, it lifts your mood, controls cholesterol level and helps in blood circulation (which makes skin clear). So go and grab the enticing box of fruity chocolates that’s been lying in your cupboard for fear of a pimply face or a plump body. Don’t think twice!