Gift Basket & Towers

Do you know what the stars at the 2014 Oscars got in their gift baskets? More on that later….

Are you the sort who always has trouble when buying a gift, or is it that the person you have to buy for has exclusive/eccentric tastes? Whatever the case, it can land you in a tight spot. But as challenging as the situation may seem, all it calls for is a little effort. Now you wouldn’t mind that when it’s for a loved one now would you. So don’t waste time browsing from shop to shop wondering what to get. Instead of looking for ‘the’ different (rather expensive) gift; say a certain shade of Armani dress or a Tesoro watch that you are still doubtful about by the way; you can save yourself the hassle and go for a convenient and failsafe option. Narrow it down with a list of favorites, wrap them up in a basket, preferably in the shape of a tower and you are all set to go. Just to make your job easier, let’s see what you can pick to wish your special ones on various occasions.

Try simpler things to pamper your Lady

When shopping for women, you don’t need to take risks. Women love nature and they love being pampered. So for the special lady in your life, include organic bath and body products, scented candles with of course flowers. Women are sentimental creatures and have a keen eye for detail; so the more effort you put in, the more delightful the response you’ll get.

Men – Don’t just let them be; Spoil them

Some say pleasing men is as easy as pleasing a kid. This doesn’t mean you get them Legos. The point is to get them what they really want. These include all the little things they enjoy; from gadgets to music collections and from his favorite cigars to a bottle of his favorite Cognac perhaps. If your son, boyfriend, husband or father happen to be sports fans – pretty good chance they are – you can’t go wrong with a sports themed basket or tower.

Little surprises for Little Angels

When making a gift tower or basket for children, sky is the limit. If you want to be specific, you could go with themes such as Disney, Barbie, Princess or Dora The Explorer. Or you can create an assortment of all the different items that you know they will enjoy. These could range from an adorable teddy bear, a plush puppy to snuggle with or a Lego game that would keep them busy for hours. Add a few healthy snacks, cookies and flavored beverages and you are ready to go.

Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud – Maya Angelou
Wishing someone a speedy recovery may not be an occasion to celebrate but you can add a little color to their day with a basket of fruits, healthy snacks and magazines & DVDs to pass time – with the sweetness of chocolates thrown in. Put together, these ‘feel better’ products will go along nicely with a get well soon card/gesture. You can personalize it by including home-made jams and jellies, some cookies and perhaps a small cushion that they could keep by their side.

A collection that celebrates the essence of romance

Valentine’s Day and anniversary comes once a year. This is reason enough to go out of the way to make the day as memorable as possible. So indulge your better half in the aroma of fragrant candles, rich cheese spread, decadent gourmet delights, bathing salts and some chocolate sweets. Tower up your love in the most extravagant way as it’s that time of the year when apart from being thoughtful, you are expected to be romantic in your choice.

A package for the new bundle of joy

Welcome the new arrival home with a precious little basket with cute little booties, tiny bibs, bath accessories and baby bottles all wrapped in a plush blanket to keep the baby warm. For a boy you can go with color blue and for a girl you can’t go wrong with pink.

Now coming back to the Oscars, the 2014 nominees were presented with a gift basket worth $85,000. What did it include? A walking tour of Japan, 2 vacations: one to Las Vegas and one to Hawaii as well as a hair transplant offer for those who needed it. Now if you can’t match that, don’t worry, hopefully the ones you’re giving it to are not expecting it either.