Gourmet Chocolate

Can Gourmet Chocolates tell you about your Future?

A person on his/her way to the recycling center may seem like a friend of the environment at first. What if they use a gas guzzling SUV to get to the recycling center. Now what sort of an opinion do you have. When it comes to personal decisions and preferences, they could have everlasting effects on our future. And as creatures of habit, we shape our future ourselves unknowingly.

No one knows what the future holds for anyone, however intelligent guesses could help us deduce. What if someone told you gourmet Chocolates have the power to peak into your future. Would you believe it? And no, it’s not a fortune cookie. It will sound odd right? Read on to see what future that Chocolate holds for you…
Chocolate Chip Cookie – Living by the Book
A simple Chocolate with a little bit of fun on it. You value the classic in all things and believe in the idea of entertainment with boundaries. Chocolate being universally loved makes you part of that huge segment of society that gets a decent education, a good enough job, marries a nice boy/girl – take your pick – and have two kids, a girl and a boy. Though you favor traditional values and believe greatly in holding on to the things you have, this doesn’t mean you won’t have fun or step outside the box every now and then.

Double Chocolate Chip – Libertine Lifestyle

Chocolate on chocolate, you just can’t get enough! Your indulgent lifestyle will frequently land you into trouble. Double chocolate shows you are passionate and easily bored. You like to live in the ‘now’ and love taking risks. You have an entrepreneurial mindset that will keep pushing you to the next big thing. But this doesn’t mean it’s all bad news. This risk taking attitude of yours could actually have a positive pay off if you tame it well and apply it at the right time and in the direction.

Oatmeal Raisin – Live Long & Be Loved

Healthy as oats, you value a lifestyle that’s not only beneficial to you, but also to the people around you. Your belief system revolves around always doing what’s right, and you will gradually end up on a track that sees you volunteering for animal rights organizations and giving all your money to UNICEF. Philanthropy will be your favorite passion and people will love you for it. Besides that, since health is a matter of serious concern for you, your healthy eating, sleeping and exercising habits will keep you in good shape well into your old age.

Oreo – The Perfect Shade of Grey

You’re the perfect mix of black and white. Not being rigid like either of the two, you’re more inclined towards collaborations and compromises, which is why you usually end up as the problem solver. You understand the concept of boundaries and expectations. You tend to stay away from arguments if you see any greater good in doing so. You will most likely have a 9 to 5 job. But you’ll be happy. You’ll have a strong family life, a happening social life, good work place relations and just enough money. Life will be simple, but it’ll be good because of the people in it and because of your playful ability to keep things light and fun.

Macaroon – The Designer

Just like the almonds in macaroons, you have the ability to create beauty and style. Your chic and sophisticated lifestyle will most likely land you in the world of fashion design or maybe interior design. Being high on quality aesthetics, your opinions on what looks good and what doesn’t will count a lot. With that classy sense of style, you will look good well into your eighties. Whether you end up making a career out of your artistic abilities or not, you will in any case be the most elegant in your social circles. With refined taste in food, music and style, everyone around you will respect and admire your opinions.

Peanut Butter Cookie – Pressure Pot

The peanut butter in you keeps things running smooth as silk, helping you slide through the cracks even in the toughest of dead ends. You’re the one who works well under pressure; you’re that kid who always leaves exam preparation to the last minute and still manages to get an A. Your intelligence and charm will land you in a high powered corporate career. Your future holds loads of dull colored suits, dresses and Prada heels. Money won’t be a problem. Your ability to manage and deal with high pressure situations in a patient and composed manner will make you the ‘go to’ person on everything from work related matters to personal problems.

As mentioned in the beginning, preferences can tell a lot about a person. The way someone dresses, how they walk and what they eat says a lot about who we are. So the next time you’re sitting with your friends, make a mental note of their gourmet Chocolates preferences and see if it all makes sense.