Kinder Chocolate

Much to most parent’s dismay; children have an insatiable appetite for candy and chocolates. If the kids could have their way, they would replace all those boring vegetables with mounds of chocolate. Unfortunately for them, an all sweet filled diet would result in obesity and a mouth full of cavities. That’s why mothers know that in order to keep the little one’s happy; they need to be given the occasional treat in moderation.

That’s exactly how Kinder chocolate came to be.

The fable of Kinder

Kinder chocolate was made over 60 years ago by the multinational Ferrero in Germany. As the tale goes, a mother developed the chocolate especially for her children. It was therefore made into tiny pieces so that children could hold the chocolate easily and the portions would be easy to control. It is also made with a creamy white milk center which has a distinctly smooth and milky taste which kids love.

The chocolate was officially made in 1967 and was named ‘kinder’ which is German for children. It was then introduced in Italy the following year for sale. Today, Kinder chocolate is one of the most popular treats for young children around the world.

Types of Kinder Chocolate

What began as sleek little bars of signature Kinder chocolate has now evolved into a wide variety of different Kinder chocolate products. Listed below are some common types of Kinder chocolate which are very popular among the little ones:

  • Kinder Surprise – A hollow egg made out of delicious Kinder milk chocolate with a toy inside.
  • Kinder Bueno – this was the first Kinder chocolate marketed for adults. It features two chocolate wafer bars with a hazelnut cream filling inside.
  • Milky Bites – these are small kinder chocolate eggs with a hazelnut and white chocolate filling on the inside.
  • Kinder Joy – this is similar to the Kinder Surprise. There is a plastic egg shaped wrapping which contains two chocolate halves of the egg inside. One half is made of milk chocolate ganache while the other is made with white chocolate ganache. Both are intended to be eaten with a spoon, which is included. One half also contains a chocolate covered wafer with hazelnut cream while the other contains a toy.
  • Happy Hippos – wafer biscuits in the shape of hippos are filled with a white and hazelnut cream filling.
  • Kinder Maxi – this is a larger version of the original Kinder chocolate.
  • Kinder Delice– This is a chocolate cake with a layer of milk inside and a milk chocolate coating.
  • Kinder Pingui– This is the same as Kinder Delice with the exception of a complete chocolate coating and extra milky filling inside.
  • Kinder Riegel – a milk chocolate stick with extra creamy milk filling.

Kinder chocolate came straight from the heart. It was developed by a loving mother who understood the needs of her little children and wanted to give them the perfect chocolate.

This chocolate is great for kids because it comes in small sizes so it’s easy to control how much they gobble up. Kinder chocolate also has delicious milky interiors, the flavor of which drives kids mad with joy! The next time your kids jump around for chocolate, hand them a Kinder. It was specifically invented for them.