Sugar Free Chocolate

Chocolate is a treat which absolutely shouldn’t be denied to anybody. It would be criminal to live in a world where chocolate didn’t exist. It would be absolute torture to live in a world where chocolate did exist and for one reason or another, you couldn’t eat it. Should you be deprived of the joys of chocolate because you’re diabetic? No! Should you skip out on the decadence of smooth chocolate because you’re watching your waistline? NO.

Chocolate is an elixir. And for all those who need to shy away from sugar, we give you the wonders of sugar-free chocolate! Same great taste, but sugar free! Did we mention it also has fewer calories? Say bye-bye to guilt ridden days bereft of chocolate. Those days are gone!

Sugar-free chocolate? Is that even a thing?

Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Chocolate is typically defined and described as a dessert or a sweet. A dessert by definition is a sweet course. Are we missing something here? Isn’t chocolate supposed to be sweet?

Sugar free chocolate is a booming industry. With the rapid increase in numbers of those who are diagnosed with diabetes, chocolate producers rushed to produce a version of the treat that could still be enjoyed by these individuals.

These chocolates are produced with a substance known as ‘sugar alcohols’ – a misleading term as the substance is neither sugar nor alcohol – that is 90% as sweet as sugar.A natural sweetener such as maltitol, a reduced carbohydrate sweetener, is used in most of these chocolates. The ingredient makes the chocolate taste pretty much just as it would had it been loaded with sugar.So you get all the goodness and taste of the chocolate you love without any sugar.

Additionally, this sugar replacer isn’t absorbed by the body in the same way as regular sugar: only a portion of it is digested and absorbed. It also absorbs very slowly so those who suffer from diabetes don’t have to worry about a quick spike in their sugar levels.

So go ahead. Hang that guilt. Eat that chocolate.

Other Benefits of Sugar Free Chocolate:

  • High cocoa – cocoa has numerous known benefits. So much so that it has even been called the ‘titan of health benefits’. Cocoa helps prevent diseases, fight diseases, and helps live long. Sugar free chocolate have all the goodness and benefits of cocoa without high levels of sugar.
  • Fewer calories – less sugar, less calories. It’s as simple as that!

Sweet varieties of sugar free chocolate

Now that you can finally consider reaching for that piece of chocolate, here are some delectable variations of the most beloved sweet, treat, only without sugar!

  • Nuts, such as almonds, coated with sugar free chocolate
  • Desserts made with sugar free chocolate
  • Fruits dipped in sugar free chocolate
  • Some popular and well known chocolate brands have started making sugar free versions of their chocolates too!

So bid farewell to the days when you thought chocolate was no longer a fixture in your life; Adios to staring at that piece of chocolate so intensely you thought it would melt under the heat of your gaze. Chocolate was meant to be enjoyed by everyone. Sugar free chocolate gives those who can’t eat sugar the opportunity to enjoy all the deliciousness of chocolate without any guilt or fear.