Wrapped Chocolates

  • Your old shirt will do just fine!

If you are wrapping chocolate, fabric is one option that is readily available in your closet. It also has the distinction of making the gift as personal as it gets. For instance, a cutout from your old shirt is a cozy way of wrapping up chocolate. Apart from this, flowers of swirled up felt and ribbons cut out from doilies could be used to add that vintage look to the delicacy. The classic ribbon bows have been en vogue for decades and is a great idea if you’re a wrapping orthodox!

  • A chocolate that has character!

On Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, chocolate can be wrapped up in props and characters significant to the season. A wrapped chocolate with bunny ears is a good idea for Easter. The wrapping can have paper or twig antlers for reindeers and the Santa chocolate can have a small red cap on top. For Halloween, the chocolate can be creatively dressed. Rough bandaged wrapping can be a mummy, fur wrapping can be a werewolf, a velvety overcoat wrapping can be Count Dracula. The wrapped chocolates can also be personalized to dress and look like your loved ones. The possibilities are endless!

    • Wait! Is there a chocolate in there?

Cardboard boxes of all sizes can be used as wrappings as well. These boxes can be decorated with readymade wrappings, strips of colorful paper or any material you fancy. Another idea is to use a cardboard letter tray to give out wrapped chocolate. Cardboard separators can also be used to box different flavors. Once the chocolate has been devoured, the boxes can be used for storage or as memorabilia.

    • Wrappings with a twist!

Individual pieces of chocolate – covered in foil of course – can be wrapped in money, fortune cookie readings, motivational notes and interesting facts. If you’re giving it to a teenager, wrap the chocolate in dollar bills. Motivational or personal notes can be used to wrap up chocolate to inspire the recipient with every bite. An interesting fact or a motivational quote with a piece of chocolate will stay with them. These are all innovative ways that will intrigue youngsters.

  • Do you mind if I keep the wrapper?

You’d be surprised to know that there are individuals who collect chocolate wrappers. Yes that’s true. Just like stamps and coins, chocolate wrappers also become part of a collection. And the same rules apply, older the wrapper, heftier the price it could fetch.  The Guinness Book of World Records has yet to record the Biggest Collection of Chocolate Wrappers to its repertoire. So start collecting now if you’re into collecting memories.

As mentioned before the key here is creativity. Speaking of creativity, here’s what Butch Cassidy got on his birthday. Paul Newman, a big car enthusiast, received a trashed Porsche from Robert Redford on his 50th birthday. A few weeks later, Newman returned the favor by having that Porsche compacted and sent to Redford.

Not the one to lose this battle, Redford commissioned a sculptor and turned that – now a big block of metal – into a garden sculptor and had it installed in Newman’s garden.  They never talked about this exchange. Probably it was a silent understanding between two old friends, with one throwing in the towel saying ‘Nicely done!