Cake Pops

The ‘Jack of all trades’ of desserts

In the world of crafty baked goods, cake pops are the new kids on the block. These little bad boys are made up of moist cake, crumbled and mixed with icing and rolled into balls or other shapes. Then they are coated with a number of different toppings, and placed on a large lollipop stick. And you thought cupcakes were cute.

A trend that originally started out with treats resembling simple lollipops has morphed into a full-fledged phenomenon of bakers pushing the limits of their creativity and crafting their own unique creations. Cake pops can be tailor made for all occasions.

Got a birthday party coming up? Make cake pops in the shape of mini gift boxes or balloons.

Is your best friend having a baby? Have cake pops in the shape of baby booties or rattles at the baby shower.

Are you throwing a Halloween party? Spook your guests out with ghoulish cake pops in the shape of Jack Skellington, bats, vampires, witches, or ghosts.

The Many faces of Cake Pops

The versatility of these treats is due to the many ways in which they can be decorated. You can dip them in melted candy, and then coat them with sprinkles, chocolate pieces, chocolate drizzle, or nuts. For those looking to get more creative, cake pops can be molded into different shapes and intricately decorated to resemble well-known and loved cartoon characters such as Mickey Mouse or Bart Simpson, SpongeBob or the lovable snowman Olaf. Cake pops can also be customized for virtually all holidays and seasons:

Mini turkeys for Thanksgiving;

Christmas tree ornaments, mini Christmas trees, reindeer, and holiday wreaths for Christmas

The Easter bunny and decorated eggs for Easter

Hearts for Valentine’s Day

The possibilities are only limited by the bounds of your creative potential (and how big of a sweet tooth you have).

Sharing is Caring

The beauty (no pun intended) of these delectable treats is by no means only visual. Their size makes them ideal as thoughtful gifts to friends and loved ones, to serve at all manner of parties. From birthdays to dinners (who said kids get to have all the fun?) and fundraisers and bake sales, they’re so delectable; you can even make a batch to share with a study group. What could possibly be a better motivator than delicious bite size pieces of cake when working on a difficult assignment?

Cake pops truly are the ‘jack of all trades’ of baked goods. Who else can put up that many facades and still look (and taste) so good? A word to the wise, where cake pops are concerned, no pop should get left behind. So the next time you’re at a party and you see cake pops being served, don’t bother being coy: quickly grab one before they’re all gone.