Caramel and toffee

Heaven is definitely a place on earth

Close your eyes for a second and picture that glorious river of chocolate flowing through Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The sweet notes of cocoa waft up from the surface and fill your nostrils with a smell so good so…irresistible, that you can almost feel the chocolate on your taste buds. But there’s something else mixed within those chocolate notes. You gently peel your eyes open and marvel at the sight.Like white sea foam that lines the crest of blue waves in the sea, there lies before your eyes creamy golden caramel lining the waves of a chocolate brown ocean.

Let’s keep imagining that chocolate ocean for a second: the smooth, creamy waves lap against a shore strewn with pebbles of crunchy toffee. Ever been out hunting for shells? You’ll love the ones you find on this magical beach! Little hardened gems of chocolate, interlaced with ribbons of luscious caramel, containing chewy bits of rich toffee. Paradise! Heaven is definitely a place on earth.

May I have this dance?

There’s a certain magical quality about watching two people dance. They are keenly aware of each other and their every move is in sync with the music. As the tempo of the song picks up, the two twist and turn at such a pace that their individual forms begin to blur. For a deceptive second, they are one. Caramel and toffee are often involved in such a dance: they cha-cha and tango with each other and the result is a delightful whirlwind of flavor.

Toffee is made with sugar and butter and may be chewy or crunchy. Caramel on the other hand, is made with sugar, milk or cream, and butter and its consistency is both smooth and gooey. In short, these two complement each other so well, they would’ve been perfect on Dancing with the Stars – if they were people of course.

The possibilities are endless!

It is a well-known fact that once something good is discovered, we begin to wonder how it could be made better. Caramel and toffee, you are amazing and delicious. We sincerely appreciate all that you do. But we have a feeling you still have a little something more up your sleeve.

Caramel and toffee are staple ingredients in a number of desserts and candies and many of these treats are consumed year round. Some are warm and ideal for the cold and some are refreshing and cool.Before we go into detail about these delicious goodies, make sure you have a tissue handy to wipe away that drool. You’ve been warned.

Remember those days when summer was giving way to fall: a brisk chill was in the air and sidewalks were strewn with fallen leaves. Autumn meant fall fairs filled with golden crisp caramel apples, and crunchy toffee bars with chocolate, nuts, and fruit. As fall gave way to winter, the cold forced us all inside.

By the fireside, slices of spiced cake and wholesome pies drizzled with caramel and toffee sauce made us feel all warm and gooey inside. When the winter snow melted and gave way to the new beginnings of spring, caramel flan with fresh berries and rich toffee torte’s helped us bring in the new season. Then, in the heat of summer came refreshing caramel ice cream with toffee bits, decadent sticky toffee pudding, and cool caramel and toffee milkshakes that helped us beat the heat and stay sweet and cool.

An Unbeatable Trio

By now, you’re probably sure to be sold on the sweet, gooey, crunchy, and chewy wonders of caramel and toffee. What happens when you add creamy chocolate to the mix? The result is so impossibly good, there should be a law against it. Here are a few of the delectable combinations these three present:

  • Chocolate caramel brownies
  • Chocolate pie with a toffee crust
  • Chocolate cake drizzled with toffee or caramel sauce
  • Chocolate and salted caramel bites
  • Gooey chocolate caramel bars

Also, when you get a craving for these flavors on the go, there are a variety of chocolate bars that use caramel and toffee as ingredients.

Hasta la vista reality!

When planning your next vacation, don’t visit those tropical islands whose beaches mock you from the cover of every travel magazine. Book a one way ticket to the newest wonder of the world: an island of toffee in the middle of a sea of chocolate and caramel. When your stomach starts rumbling from imagining all the vivid scenes of delectable caramel-chocolate-toffee bliss, make sure to have some treats handy. It’s your ticket to stay on that little island in paradise just a little while longer. Before reality kicks in.