What Chocolate Are You?

She’s not my type. He looks insecure. They look like housewives. He must be an extrovert.

We make snap judgments about people all the time. When we notice someone for the first time, we inadvertently form a mental image of their personality, their likes and dislikes. Based on what exactly? Maybe it’s the way they wear their hair, the way they walk or how much they talk. Or maybe it’s the way they dress, the food they eat or the cravings they have?

A man in a smart business suit exudes confidence. Do you think Don Draper from Mad Men would pass as the founding partner of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce had he been wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt?

How about Samantha Jones from Sex and the City? Her eccentric personality comes across effortlessly with those vibrant outfits and matching chunky accessories.

The star of Fantastic Four Jessica Alba grabbing a quick salad from one of those trendy health stores: must be the health conscious type, right?

Food and clothes are significant personality indicators. But let’s talk cravings – chocolate cravings specifically. What if we told you that the type of chocolate you prefer says a lot about who you are. Sounds uncanny, right? Dresses, we understand. What we eat, makes sense. But with chocolates, you’re not so sure.

Take a look at our chocolate-personality associations to figure out what type of chocolate are you. Kosher  Wrapped or Assorted Chocolate

Milk Chocolate – You’re like Jessica “Jess” Day (The New Girl). You value the classic and are compassionate by nature. You like to keep things simple and candid. You mix well with different groups of people and are usually the life of the party. You try everything at least once. You get attached very easily and enjoy an active ‘outdoorsy’ life. Being straightforward, sarcasm is not your forte and more often than not, your simplicity tends to land you in complicated situations.

Dark Chocolate – You’re headstrong just like Don Draper (Mad Men). You tend to remain quiet and have a hint of classic sarcasm about you, but with a bit of an edge. You’re the person sitting in the big leather chair, with a cigar in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. The laid back, slick kid on the block who happens to be a little bit of a Mr. Know it All. You have an opinion about everything ranging from hipsters to iPhones and the United Nations. (And you like to believe your opinion should be the only opinion)

White Chocolate: Like Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother), you are into fine things, spa days, the smell of freshly cut flowers, the colors of the rainbow, butterflies and unicorns. You’re creative and a bit of a day dreamer. You could also come across as a bit of an introvert. And people will try to bring you down repeatedly by saying white chocolate isn’t even real chocolate. But you know your way around such people. You’re a silent fighter who chooses to stay happy in his/her own little world.

Liqueur-filled chocolate: You’re either too young to have access to your parent’s liquor cabinet or too old not to have a decent bar at home. Like Dr. Gregory House (House), you are clever and smooth as silk in your own way. The kid who grew up too fast, you have an innate ability to handle all sorts of people. You know exactly what to say at what time. You are usually in a position of putting an end to a fight, but more often than not, you are the reason why the fight started in the first place.

Chocolate with Sea Salt: You’re Bree Van De Kamp (Desperate Housewives). You’re the one with impeccable taste in food and wine, classy restaurants and designer wear. You always sit with your legs crossed neatly with a perfect poise and are proud of who you are. You have either accomplished a lot, or are seriously working on taking over the world.

Chocolate covered espresso beans: You’re the Gordon Gekko (Wall Street – 1987) type. Ambitious, driven, rigidly organized and status conscious. You tend to take on more than you can handle and want people to get straight to the point. You don’t waste time; lead an active lifestyle, most likely a workaholic. Coffee keeps you working like a machine. You’re probably trying to juggle a number of balls at the same time. Although you might be good at it, you may lose sight of what’s really important in life.

It is important to note that these associations are based on general observations and research. There is no scientific study to back this up. So next time you have a chocolate craving, think about the sort of image you will project. (Or rather, don’t bother, because life’s too short and when it comes to this sweet guilty pleasure, eat like no one’s watching and there is no tomorrow.)

On a lighter note, as a responsible company we believe it is our duty to educate our customers not to feed chocolate to their pets. With the holiday season on the horizon, keep your pets away from the treat and only feed them high quality pet food like Freshpet. Fresh pet is renowned for delivering fresh, refrigerated pet food across the country.