Flavors of the World

As strange as it may sound, your pet’s name might be saying a lot about you. Whether you go for a name that is unique or trendy, you might be giving people a bit of an insight into the sort of person you are.  Don’t buy it?
Take a look at the following. You may just learn something about yourself.

Chocolate Names

Examples: Cookie, Chocolate, Cocoa, Éclair, Coco

What it says about you - You are the life of the party. You’re social and appreciate the finer things in life. You’re the sort of person who’s willing to give in to temptation and not feel guilty about it. In short, you love your life, family, friends and pets, just the way you love chocolate.


Example: Wrigley, Chipper, Kirby, Kobe, Jeter

What it says about you For a specific season every year, you are inaccessible. Your mood depends on the performance of your team. Not only do you think it’s cool to wear your team’s shirt every time you go out, you also dress up your pet the same way and post pictures on social media.


Examples: Princess, King, Queenie, Lady, Duchess

What it says about you Royalty runs not only in your blood, but in everything you do. You are frequently found at the Hamptons. From vacationing in the south of France to catching up with friends with afternoon tea at Hyde Park, even your pets get the royal treatment – Mini designer dresses and Freshpet food. Compromising on quality is something you’re not familiar with.


Example: Maple, Oatmeal, Sahara, Mudd, Clover

What it says about you - You love the outdoors and nature. You follow a healthy lifestyle and your diet is always organic. Your obsession with health is shared by your entire family and pets as well. Fresh fruits and vegetables coupled with regular exercise are an essential part of your life.


Example: Belle, Pooh, Elsa, Ariel, Aurora

What it says about you - You are an optimistic person with a strong silly and goofy side. You love a good laugh and always manage to find a silver lining in even the bleakest of situations. And you spontaneously break out into songs and always believe in happy endings.


Example: Brewster, Miller, Guinness

What it says about you - You enjoy your liquor. Whether its beer or vodka, after a long day you like to kick back and relax. You also love to host big, social gatherings, enjoy being in the spotlight and love to check out new places around town.

Whatever you achieve in life is a reflection of the choices you’ve made in the past. Pets are, in a lot of ways, an extension of who we are. So the next time you feel like giving your dog a unique name, keep in mind that you might be saying a lot more about your personality, interests and lifestyle than you realize.